ETF might be the best crypto currency investment in 2019

Looking forward to the skyrocketing rise of crypto currency in the second half of 2017, Bitcoin rose to a maximum of 20,000 US dollars, and Ethereum also rose to 1,500 US dollars. In 2018, it is undoubtedly a very gloomy year for the crypto currency market. The amount of funds continues to flow out, the volume of transactions continues to decrease, and the overall market declines by more than 90%. The arrival of the bear market has caused a series of chain reactions: Bitcoin Fall, the project side runs, the currency is zero, the mining machine sells, the hacker steals money, the gods fight… all kinds of violent thunder are emerging endlessly. Many investors are constantly asking, when is the end, when will the bull market come? Although the operation of the coin and the speculative coin in the bear market is very easy to lose money, in fact, in the market down market, investors can earn a huge amout of money.

Because the bear market is hard to make money, but the crypto currency futures contract can cross the bulls and bears. As long as the market trend is judged correctly and the operating platform is selected, the bear market will still be profitable. As a result, financial derivatives trading in digital currencies has grown more aggressively under the bear market, and investors have turned to crypto currency futures contracts.

In November 2018, the world’s first crypto currency, Exchange Traded Funds, began trading at SIX Swiss Exchange, Europe’s fourth-largest exchange. The crypto currency dark horse, Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”), which was founded by the US-based Chicago Board of Trade’s investment company VanEck, blockchain startup SolidX and Amun AG’s crypto currency company, broke the bearish bear market deadlock. Compared with other crypto currency futures contract platforms on the market, ETF Super Platform not only has strong background strength, institutional innovation, rewards and rich returns, but also everyone can participate without the threshold. It is more adhering to the principle of fairness and openness, focusing on creating a complete Decentralized futures contract trading platform.

ETF Super Platform’s 4 profits and 2 awards innovation models have attracted many crypto currency investors. Many investors said that the ETF super-contract platform invested zero threshold, zero risk, zero investment, registration began to earn, share the commission share of the platform transaction fee. The operation of the platform is simple and easy to understand. Just choose the price of the crypto currency to rise or fall in the corresponding time period. If the direction is correct, you can make a profit. The maximum single income can reach 95%, and the platform provides the shortest 30 seconds. Several different time periods, such as 30 days long, are available for investors to choose. And up to 50% of operating income commissions are the reason for crypto currency investors to choose ETF super contract platform for contract transactions. In addition, after the investor reaches a certain standard, he can also get the “Super Platform” membership application commission and income commission, and can participate in the weekly income ranking and trading volume rankings. The top ten investors will receive rich rewards.

It is understood that ETF Super Platform is a completely decentralized platform that based on blockchain technology. Everyone can be the owner. In the bear market where the market continues to be sluggish, it is very likely that the ETF super contract must become the best investment in crypto currency in 2019.

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