MM Galleri Wins Prestigious 2018 Pinnacle Award for its Ingenious ‘Bent and Light’ Bended Marble Showroom

Las Vegas, NV – January 24, 2019 – MM Galleri and its ‘Bent and Light’ bended marble showroom is the winner of this year’s 2018 Pinnacle Awards. Pinnacle Awards is a highly coveted award given by the Natural Stone Institute to projects whose beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship exemplify professional mastery in the use of natural stone in commercial and residential applications.

“We are proud to have won this year’s Pinnacle Awards. This award is a strong endorsement of MM Galleri as a world-class natural stone specialist,” said Hillary Tjioe, Director of MM Galleri. “We have always challenged ourselves to lead the industry in innovations throughout our company’s 27-year history. The “Bent and Light” design interior project is an ambitious showcase to the world of our full range of capabilities in the stone industry, especially with our patented bended marble product.”

MM Galleri has worked on hospitality, commercial and residential projects all across the globe. Founder Peter Tjioe is a modern day Renaissance man, well-versed in many fields, from the sciences to the arts. Twenty years ago, Peter became inspired to search for eco-conscious ways to minimise the wastage in the use of natural stones as building and decorative materials. Combining his knowledge across many fields, he led the MM Galleri team to experiment and innovate on sustainable ways to more effectively use stone materials in interior and exterior installations, as well as furniture.

In the process, Tjioe developed the bending marble technique, which is applicable on floor, wall and ceiling, as well as various product designs such as furniture pieces.

“Using bended marble, we can broaden the application of natural stone in different ways and reduce the high cost, heavy industry work of cutting new blocks of stone, making this a more efficient and greener technology. This way we can encourage more uses of natural stone in interiors. Bended marble design also aesthetically conforms with the organic design market trend.” said Peter Tjioe.

Inspired by the underwater life in the animated story of “Finding Nemo,” MM Galleri’s “Bent and Light” showroom in Singapore is being acclaimed as a masterpiece. Using their bended marble technique, combined with the creative use of lighting, they created a beautiful bar marble countertop, spiral shaped marble table, benches and bath tub that are all housed in an “underwater cave” built with marble tile flooring and marble ceiling finishing.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with top interior designers, product designers and industrial designers to create more inspiring products using bended marble,” adds Peter Tjioe.

The Natural Stone Institute is a trade association representing every aspect of the natural stone industry. The current membership exceeds 2,000 members in over 50 countries. The 2018 Pinnacle Awards ceremony takes place on January 23rd, 2019, in Las Vegas.

About MM Galleri

MM Galleri designs, supplies, and installs natural stone materials and products. The company works with architects and interior designers across Asia, Europe and America to customise, build and decorate interiors and exteriors for both commercial and residential projects. With their innovative bended marble technique, they are also working with top product and industrial designers to design and produce inspiring new products from furniture to various lifestyle products.  

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