Nine Group on its route of achieving endless heights

With the advent of science and technology, smart cities have become the new direction of urban development. The creation of a smart city is inseparable from the contribution of the company, where the development improves people’s lives. In order to better build a city and speed up the economic development, Hong Kong, a diversified city, is constantly innovating and seeking new breakthroughs.

Nine Group, a leading group of companies across ASEAN, provides entrepreneurs with new opportunities and quality services helping in wealth creation while it at the same time supporting potential startups success and contribute to the economy. The “Hong Kong Smart City Awards” have always recognized Nine Group achievements and future potential, and we are delighted to share that recently the Nine Group has won the prestigious “Hong Kong Smart City Award”.

Such reward is a direct result of the joint efforts of Nine Group, its subsidiaries and partners. In the development process, Nine Group acts as an independent financial and taxation service agency. The company business is mainly based on bookkeeping and taxation services. In the wave of the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and blockchain, Nine Group relies on its core services, striving to provide quality services for potential startups. The company provides professional registration consultation, financial and taxation agency, long-term financial planning and consultation, financial expatriates, and accountant training. It also supports potential SMEs to join as a strategic partner, by encouraging them to the road of entrepreneurship.

In the near future, in the construction of smart cities, Nine Group as the leader of financial and taxation service, will adhere to their own professional rules, providing effective service in managing customer data, and reinforcing the smart office service processes, and thus achieving the modern-age requirements of smart cities such as regulations and strong security comprehensively.

Nine Group got a standout status among its competitors and was declared as the winner of “Smart City Award”.

“How To Encourage Entrepreneurship And Innovation To Create An Intelligent Future” is the direction of smart city construction and development. Nine Group as the leader in the taxation service industry, implement the office automation system, such as customer service automation, digital contract automation, bill reminder automation and tax form generation automation. This helps us save natural resources, bring convenience to customers by saving customers time and procedures.

Nine Group has set up branch offices in various cities and regions in order to better serve entrepreneurs. The customer information inquiry system, one-stop enterprise service platform and high-quality tax processing in Nine Group are designed to be shared. Through the sharing process, more company partners will be able to achieve better development and gain more exposure alongside the growth of Nine Group. With Nine Group, wealth is not just a dream, it is a working reality!  

With Nine Group we contribute to the society.    

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