FiLance Looks to Close Wealth Gap Through Offering On-Demand Financial Professionals

FiLance, a financial outsourcing and freelance marketplace founded in 2018, was developed to connect financial professionals to the everyday individual. The company’s mission is to close the wealth gap through the offering of financial services and education to individuals across all income levels.

Oftentimes, access to a financial professional is believed to be for those of great wealth because of the hefty price tag that comes along with their services, leaving those on the lower half of the country’s wealth spectrum to figure it out themselves. The good news is that FiLance transforms that by presenting their professional financial services on-demand without lengthy contractual agreements or upfront fees so people only pay for the service(s) they require. Filance proudly supports individuals and small businesses for all of their financial needs on their terms, while helping them make smarter decisions about money.

Getting started on the platform is very simple. Users can create a freelancer or an employer account to post and bid for financial jobs both locally and globally. The outsourcing and freelance platform is dedicated to supporting the finances of their clients by easilybringing those in need of financial services together with certified financial experts.

FiLance takes pride in their freelancer verification process that ensures they are capable of offering professional and accurate services to their employers. What’s more, every “verified” freelancer is certified or have over seven years of verifiable industry experience.

FiLance also ensures the safety of client information.As stated on their official website, “We will always ensure the highest level of security when it comes to your information. You will always know exactly what information we collect from you and can rest assure our professionals will protect your information.”

Interested clients can choose the level of service they need for project posting. FiLance’s services are divided into three pricing. They offer a Free Plan service wherein it covers free unlimited posts within 30 days. They also offer a free the Single Feature Plan, available for $25 for 30 days. This plan covers one feature project. Lastly, they have the Premium Plan that costs $50 for 30 days. This plan includes three featured projects.

Interested clients who require services can quicklyget in touch with FiLance, as they are always accessible to answer any queries, resolve any problems and offer timely service.  

About FiLance:

FiLance is an outsourcing and freelance marketplace developed to improve the financial lives of individuals from all income levels through offering financial professionals on-demand. Founded in 2018, the company believes access to financial professionals can help close the wealth gap and end the suffering of living paycheck to paycheck. By providing professionals on demand, individuals at the top and bottom have access to certified and qualified professionals.

For more information about Filance’s services, call Ronda Reid-Mohammed at 877-386-6195 x100 or send her an email at Feel free to visit their official website at

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