Save a fortune during winter and get overgrown trees trimmed

Anyone who has trees on their property knows that routine maintenance and trimming every few years is essential for the trees health, longevity and let’s face it the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

The problem is tree trimming can be quite expensive. This is due to the high overheads for arborist who run a business. But apparently if we get in early enough it’s possible to save up to 40% off the price of trimming. How was that possible?

Ben McInerney from Go Tree Quotes, as freelance arborist site has told us it’s all about supply and demand. Right now in winter the demand is quite low.

“During the high season arborists are flat-out trying to keep up with demand to trim and removal people’s trees. Because of their high demand they can basically write their own tickets as all tree service companies are busy with their own work and there is not as much competition.”

As you know it’s hard enough to get someone out to look at your job, let alone actually turn up and do a good job.

“During winter you have the same amount of supply of arborist, but very little demand for them. They are mostly sitting around waiting for a phone call.“

By getting in early Ben assures us that arborists are willing to drop their prices in order to win your work and help get them through the slow season. It’s not always a matter of finding the right company to get a good deal on tree trimming, but it’s all a matter of timing.

Ben also mentions that not only is it cheaper to prune or remove a tree in winter, but it’s actually better for the tree.

“You’re always best off trimming trees while they are dormant in the colder months. As things start to switch back on in the spring, trees will find themselves with a lot less burden above ground in the form of branches and more reserves below the ground in the form of their vast root system to bloom back to life stronger and healthier than ever before”.

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