Chatterbox Speech Pathology Delivers Therapy for Literacy and Early Childhood Development

Sydney, Australia – Jan 25, 2019 – It can be especially distressing for parents when they discover their child is experiencing difficulty with oral communication. Chatterbox Speech Pathology specialises in helping children understand and articulate words for literacy and early childhood development.

“At Chatterbox Speech Pathology, we appreciate that every child is unique and different,” said Leigh Hutton, owner of Chatterbox Speech Pathology. “We are here to guide you and your family and provide regular support for your child’s communication needs. Our passionate and fun speech pathologists collaborate with those most important in your child’s life to adapt and implement individual goals for your child.”

A speech pathologist Oran Park at Chatterbox Speech Pathology will provide an expert evaluation to ascertain the reason for a child’s delay and customize a therapy program for their specific needs. Younger children may have difficulty producing sounds correctly, understanding words, or be unable to create simple sentences by the age of two. They may be unable to follow simple instructions, identify common objects, or exhibit other patterns of delayed speech.

Stuttering Sydney is one of the most common disorders affecting children. There are different types of stutters that can develop and individual characteristics may change over time. It’s important for parents to know that there’s no correlation between stuttering, their child’s intelligence, and it can be treated using the scientifically proven Lidcombe Program.

Speech therapy for older youngsters help themlearn how to listen, focus their attention, and follow directions. Children are taught spelling, letters and words.The therapy helps with reading and writing for literacy and early childhood skills. Speech therapy helps children understand, comprehend and remember what they read. The earlier that therapy is initiated, the better the child’s long-term success.

Children receive one-on-one services during their usual therapy appointments. During school holidays, the practice also offers specialized group sessions. The Social Skills Group focuses on developing skills for use in society. The Literacy Group has been specifically developed for youngsters that are at risk and have literacy problems, while the Legendary Listener Group emphasizes listening skills, following directions, taking turns, and understanding who, where and why questions.

Chatterbox Speech Pathology provides speech therapy Penrith in a fun environment that facilitates learning. A child’s ability to articulate and express themselves verbally is critical for literacy and early childhood development. The speech pathologists in the family-friendly practice provide the expert services required to place youngsters with a speech problem on the pathway to success.

About Chatterbox Speech Pathology

At Chatterbox Speech Pathology, we want the best for your child. Our therapists are kind and caring. They are passionate about working with children and helping your child to realise their true potential. The practice has offices in Penrith, Oran Park and Bella Vista.

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