Farias Family Law, P.C has published a new article entitled “Avoiding the 3 Most Destructive Mindsets in Divorce”

Farias Family Law, P.C has published a new article entitled “Avoiding the 3 Most Destructive Mindsets in Divorce,” which breaks down the mindsets that tend to make divorce more difficult, destructive, and expensive. People either contemplating or going through divorce and other interested individuals can view the full article at https://www.billfariaslaw.com/avoiding-the-3-most-destructive-mindsets-in-divorce/

The article explains why certain mindsets in divorce can be dangerous:

“If you’re not operating from a position of calm and clarity, and instead, your emotions are driving your behavior during divorce, you’re likely to 1) make poor decisions that cost you extra money, time, and aggravation, and 2) behave in a manner that hurts your children, if you have any.”

The article takes the reader through the three specific mindsets that tend to cause the greatest difficulty in divorce: Anger, Guilt, and Fear. Anger tends to cause irrational and unreasonably aggressive behavior in divorce and can lead to loss of credibility and wasted money. Guilt is the opposite of Anger and causes people to give up too much in the divorce proceeding and compromise themselves because they blame themselves for the failure of the marriage. And Fear can also cause people to settle for less than they deserve because they perceive the risks of divorce litigation as greater than they actually are.

Finally, there are suggestions about how to manage these destructive mindsets. First, people facing divorce should be sure they’re taking good care of themselves – focusing on the basics: eating well, sleeping well, exercising, hydrating, and practicing meditation. The more of these you have in your routine, the lower your stress, and the better your ability to handle adversity. Also, it’s advisable to seek professional help if necessary to address the stress and anxiety of divorce. We’re not born with the tools we need to handle these difficult issues. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to hire a quality professional who can equip you with those tools.

In discussing the article’s creation, Bill Farias, Attorney at Farias Family Law, P.C said:

“It’s important for people to recognize these mental traps before they begin the divorce process. Being aware of these very common mental tendencies and managing them significantly increases the likelihood of a smooth divorce. And as a bonus, the skills they gain and positive habits they create while facing divorce can improve their lives going forward. As beautiful as life is, adversity is inevitable, and unfortunately, divorce is not the last time they’ll face it. Having the tools to work through life’s challenges is invaluable. A healthy mindset is a solid foundation for a successful divorce.”

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