GenieBelt reveals top housebuilder trends in 2019: the sector is going digital

An overview of top trends in volume housebuilding for 2019

With every year there are new developments in the area of construction and housebuilding, especially in recent times, with the rapid development of construction technology. The housebuilding sector is at the moment under a significant change.

Here are some exciting trends in housebuilding, which will evolve in 2019 and will help to manage multiple housebuilding projects more effectively.

1. The sector goes digital

In the course of the last decade, digital tools acquired a significant place in the housebuilding sector. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go before we can claim that the industry is fully-digitized.

2. Data ecosystems

It’s not always the collection and analysis of data that matters. The way we share it throughout the value-chain is a substantial factor that the housebuilding sector should take into serious consideration.

3. New government regulations

Stricter state regulations that are introduced around the globe. For instance, the BIM Level 2 Mandate introduced by the UK government a while ago can play a decisive role in boosting the digitization of the sector.

4. New competition

The Asian market has gained remarkable momentum and as a result, European and American housebuilders have started feeling the pressure.

5. Housing crisis

The demand for a new affordable home is rapidly increasing, while the offer remains the same if not lower.

6. Green building materials

Interest in a building process with low environmental footprint increased and many new green building materials have emerged in the course of the last years.

7. Interior and exterior design changes

With open floor plans, wider doors and hallways, roof decks, etc, things are also rapidly changing in the design of new homes around the world.

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