Dr. Usmani Hopes to Enlighten World to Damage of Drones in Pakistan

Fulbright scholar Launches Kickstarter To UNCOVER DRONE DATA

Cary, NORTH CAROLINA – JAN 17 2014 – What is the true cost of undeclared war, when two countries merely agree to what is considered  non-invasive, stealth tactics with the declaration of no unnecessary victims?  Is anyone keeping track of the collateral damage? 

Yes, they are.  At least in the Federal Tribal Lands of Pakistan, one Fulbright scholar has pulled together the data from reputable sources to write the untold story of the US’s undeclared war on Pakistan. Called ‘Droning the Country – The Narratives and Impact of Drone Strikes in Pakistan’ and accompanied with a unique Database, the project leader, Dr. Zeeshan Usmani has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds required to print and distribute the book worldwide.

Since 2004, the United States has been targeting high value targets in the region with Predator and Reaper drones, but until now there has been no official body to record the still-swelling number on civilian casualties that came by as collateral damage.  A covert operation between Pakistan and the United States, and there has been no claim of responsibility taken, unlike in Afghanistan, making the operation a violation of human rights and the Geneva Conventions.

Investors helping fund the book campaign to the next level will be eligible for perks such as thank you notes, project updates, digital copy of book cover, autographed copy of the book, name in book acknowledgements, unique and one of its kind data set of all Pakistan drone strikes with location and details, and much, much more. 

The book writers understand not everyone may be able to give money to help the Droning The Country book campaign, so they ask that those who cannot give monetarily help by spreading the word about the Droning The Country book project online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or record a video challenge for Vine, Facebook or Instagram to invite friends to give to or share this Kickstarter fundraiser. Include #DronesinPakistan in all posts.

For more information, visit DRONING THE COUNTRY – Kill Without Count.

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