Evolution of Brand Creation, Michele Business Incubator Successfully Hatched Mansu Brand

Brands starting from the product dimension were eliminated by the market long ago, and more and more brands try to win consumers’ affection in the name of “lifestyle” but often lack strength and depth in refining and creating core brand values. The so-called “lifestyle” looks impressive but worthless, and brands with no temperature are unable to obtain consumer cognition and attract customers fatefully. However, “Mansu” (hereinafter referred to as “Mansu”) created by Michele Business Incubator (hereinafter referred to as “Michele”) stands out and becomes a dark horse among massive health brands.

Simple brand publicity is unable to support the virtuous circle of enterprises’ commercial value. After brand productization, brand IP begins to cut a figure. Taking Mansu as a representative, it shapes an exquisite, innocent and friendly lifestyle for young consumers, and “lifestyle” is not only a slogan here. Mansu arranges it as a set of complete matrix — the lifestyle of all categories is arranged to create a consumption trend of “Mansu lifestyle” starting from cosmetics, food and health care products; taking this as an extension, cultural projects such as books, animation and so on derived from the image of Mansu super IP will generate more emotional links with consumers and strengthen users’ recognition of the brand.

In the future, Mansu will continuously penetrate around the “lifestyle” and expand other modules of the massive health field, so as to form an ecological closed loop. Meanwhile, Mansu will make consumers resonate with the brand, and customers will no longer be simple purchasers but creators and sublimer of Mansu lifestyle.


Incubator behind Mansu

In addition to its own operational advantages, Michele provides continuous support for the success of Mansu. Compared with the “outwardly strong and inwardly weak” incubators which is ubiquitous in the market, as an enterprise born for entrepreneurs, Michele focuses on the field of massive health, adheres to the guidance of entrepreneurship tutors and the promotion of technology research and development, provides small investment for the incubation brand as its stable source instead of blindly following the trend.

Nowadays, Michele has joined hands with the BICOBRAND (stock code: 837749), the first stock of Chinese strategic brand creation, and was upgraded to venture capital investment of BICOBRAND 2.0 brands. As one of the shareholders of Michele, BICOBRAND has rich professional accumulation for many years in the brand field, such as Brand DNA System which is the brand recognition model of independent intellectual property protection, a high-tech enterprise by national authentication and one of the pioneers in the field of Chinese brand strategy consulting, served more than 1000 brands and successfully provided brand strategy integration, creation and innovation services for Intel, Disney, Amway, By-Health, Tongrentang, Yuexiu Group, Midea, Red Dragonfly, APEC and so on.

In virtue of BICOBRAND’s knowledge precipitation for many years in the field of brand strategy creation, Michele Business Incubator successfully hatched Mansu brand, injected Mansu with a forward-looking development concept and distinctive brand vitality and made Mansu rise rapidly as a big dark horse in the field of massive health with the original intention of giving life more healthy gift and become the brand standard leading new lifestyle.

Energizing Chinese Brands, Acting on International Convention

Currently, the initial incubation of a brand in the market often consumes a large amount of time and fund during the process of fragmented creation, and the incubation process constantly tests the connection between two links, including brand creation, product R&D, product production, marketing and so on. If there is a slight turmoil of market or problem in any link and communication fault in upstream and downstream information, entrepreneurs may face the problems more serious than capital chain rupture. However, the one-stop integration service of Michele is accompanied by professional training guidance from brand strategy creation, complete supply chain to the late promotion, which effectively incubates the brand with three months, buys time for entrepreneurs and reduces costs.

Taking Mansu as an example, Michele has already sorted out and built a whole set of brand strategies for Mansu and pointed out the direction for its development at the initial stage of brand planning; meanwhile, Michele built a perfect product strategy matrix for Mansu and provided support from international R&D and production organization; relying on rich experience in integrated marketing, each campaign of Mansu was well prepared from creative design to media channels; in addition, Michele also assisted entrepreneurs in learning how to communicate with investors, so as to make the brand “stand up” really.

With the continuous expansion of business map, Michelet will continuously encourage creators to stay true to the original self and provide them with practical help, so as to help them embark on the branding development path and voice on the global stage.

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