Secret Messager, Newly-Released Online Encryption Tool And Software, An \”Early Success\” With Social Media Users

While it hasn’t been long since its release, this new online encryption tool, as well as its eponymous software, have proven to be a hit with social media users across all platforms and from all around the world. Secret Messager, a free online encryption tool designed to encrypt users’ messages before they sent them, is being routinely used by users from all across the globe, while its namesake software has so far received thousands of downloads, with the number rising with each passing day.

Secret Messager utilizes AES256 technology to encrypt messages and files. The online tool can be used to encrypt messages, files, and even to “hide” encrypted messages within images, following a two-step process. First, users type their message; select the file, or image they wish to encrypt, and set an encryption key. Then, with a click of a button, Secret Messager proceeds with the encryption, and the now-encrypted message, file or image is ready to be shared safely, and without the fear of third-party intrusion. Upon sending their encrypted information, users must also provide recipients with their pre-set, unique encryption key, which they in turn can use to decrypt the received data.

Similarly, the Secret Messager software allows users to carry out the aforementioned process offline, meaning that there is no need for an internet connection, and that no sensitive data or files of any kind are uploaded or stored during the encryption process.

“Online safety has been a growing concern with internet users everywhere, which have a right to privacy, as well as the right to control the dissemination of their sensitive information the way they – and only they – want to” said Mr. Shane Steven, Secret Messages Creator. “Secret Messages makes the encryption and decryption process accessible to people of all ages, and of all levels of computer literacy. Both the software and tool can be used with little instruction, and they both are, and forever will be, free for anyone to have access to.”

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