The Trash Bin Cleaners Now Providing Innovative Cleaning Solution Services in Marin County

Novato, CA – The Trash Bin Cleaners is pleased to announce they are now providing innovative cleaning solution services in Marin County.

The Trash Bin Cleaners, which is based in Novato, CA, offers innovative residential trash bin cleaning and commercial dumpster cleaning services to clients across the area.  The company specializes in the deep cleaning and sanitizing of residential garbage bins and commercial dumpsters.

“Before starting this company, I noticed there was a very specific need for bin cleaning services in my area,” says Juan Chaqui, founder of The Trash Bin Cleaners.  “As a result of this need, I decided to turn my regular cleaning business into one that solely focused on bin cleaning services as a way to give back to the community.”

The Trash Bin Cleaners’ offers a highly comprehensive cleaning service designed to effectively clean trash bins and dumpsters.  Their high-tech services are designed to:

  • Remove any and all debris
  • Thoroughly disinfect
  • Sterilize dumpsters from bacteria
  • Add enzymes that emit a pleasant odor
  • Be completed at the client’s home or office
  • Clean exterior of bins
  • Includes recycle and compost bins

The Trash Bin Cleaners use a truck-mounted system with a hydraulic lifting mechanism to lift and rotate the container, placing it over a specially designed pressure washing unit.  The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions to effectively blast any debris off of the container. 

Being environmentally friendly, the company uses a specially formulated green cleaning solution that is almost 99% effective in removing common bacteria from the surface of the container.

“Our goal is to provide an efficient, environmentally friendly, and easily affordable curbside trash and recycle bin cleaning service to your community,” says Chaqui.  “We want to help protect your loved ones from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected on, in, and around unclean bins.”

To help promote their innovative service, all new clients will receive their first (1 trash can only) bin cleaning free.

For more information about The Trash Bin Cleaners, or to book their services, please visit their website at

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