Li Damo, A Famous Calligrapher In China And The Most Powerful Contemporary Calligrapher And Painter In Investment, Created Up A New International Height For Chinese Art

Recently, Mr. Li Damo, a member of the Calligrapher Association of Central Government Organs, is an influential Chinese painter and calligrapher of CCTV. He received important interviews from hundreds of domestic and foreign media, which were broadcast in corresponding art programs. As a famous artist of Chinese list art, contemporary calligraphers and painters with the most investment strength. Li Damo, Ph.D. supervisor of Oxford College of Art, visiting professor of National Open University, Vice President of the Academy of Calligraphy and Painting of China International News and Magazine, etc. As the first artist to be reported and published, he created a new level of international recognition of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

A Brief Introduction to Li Damo's Art

A Brief Introduction to Li Damo’s Art

Li Damo, formerly known as Xixiong,born in 1966 in Guangdong Xinhui, graduated from Wuxi Calligraphy Art Specialized Research Course, he is now a member of the Calligrapher Association of Central Government Organs, a Chinese influential calligrapher and painter on CCTV, the most socially responsible calligrapher and painter on CETV, a famous Chinese calligrapher and painter on the list of books, and the most powerful contemporary calligrapher and painter on the investment side. Dr. Tutor of Oxford College of Art, Visiting Professor of National Open University, Vice President of the Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, China News and Magazine. After more than 40 years of hard work beside the brush, ink, paper and inkstone, he has carefully studied calligraphy in all its forms, including regular script, official script, seal script, line script and cursive script. His personal style is especially outstanding, and he is still good at second script and large-scale creation. Now it has written plaque couplets for hundreds of scenic spots, temples, ancestral temples and other places all over the country. At present, five sets of work stamps and two sets of work stamps have been issued by Paris, France. Nineteen creative works are approved and issued copyright certificates by the State Copyright Administration. He has been selected for many domestic and foreign calligraphy exhibitions and won prizes. He has held exhibitions in Beijing for four consecutive years. The media commented on his calligraphy style: There is a dignified temple spirit. Li Damo is enthusiastic about public welfare and often donates his works to raise funds for charity. Existing masterpieces are listed on the United Cultural Property Exchange of the United States, coded as follows:602275、602276。

Shan Guoqiang and Lv Changsheng, two heavyweight experts in painting and calligraphy of the Forbidden City, highly appraised the works of Mr. Li Damo and issued them: Certificate of appraisal of the most valuable art masters and paintings in contemporary China. The Palace Museum plans to collect Li Damo’s works.

Shan Guoqiang and Lu Changsheng highly praised Li Damo’s works. It is a world of words and a world of articles. Taking everything natural directly into the book which is majestic and original. His works are open and close, yet solemn and elegant, natural and unrestrained and elegant, yet vigorous and steady, stirring but without losing the rules and regulations. His calligraphy is unique in its new path. He not only pursues the magnificence of power, but also makes great efforts to make artistic achievements. The creative calligraphy style, which resembles both calligraphy and painting, reflects its profound traditional skills, unique and distinctive creativity and unique personal style.

Appreciation of Li Damo's Calligraphy Works
Appreciation of Li Damo’s Calligraphy Works

In 1988, he studied in Wuxi College of Calligraphy Art, the first Chinese Academy of Calligraphy.

In 1989, his works were selected for the “National Day Celebrity Calligraphy and Painting Voluntary Sale” sponsored by Guangdong Women’s and Children’s Development Foundation.

In the Spring Festival of 1990, Yingcheng TV Station wrote the word “horse” several meters in size, which was included in Guangdong Yearbook and many media reported.

In 1996, he entered the “Calligraphy Creation Research Course” sponsored by the Chinese Calligraphy Association for further study. He was personally taught by Shen Peng, former vice-chairman, Liu Yi, Wang Xuezhong, Li Duo, Yan Gongda, and Li Gangtian, vice-chairman of Xiling Printing Society.

In 2004, he was invited to participate in the first “Yikang Cup” talent competition in the city. He worte the word “Yikang” several metres in one hand and won the first prize and many media reported.

In 2008, the 2nd China List Competition won the prize.

In 2009, calligraphy exhibition was held in Jiangmen Museum of Art

In 2009, he went to Japan to participate in the “Sino-Japanese Friendship Cultural Artists Elite Exchange Exhibition” and won the Gold Prize for his works.

In 2010, he participated in the creative research of the calligraphy and painting art creation base of the Ministry of Culture and exchanged art with famous artists.

In 2010, “Welcoming the World Expo – First International List Competition” won the Excellence Award.

In 2011, he went to Korea to attend the First Invitational Exhibition of Excellent Chinese and Korean Calligraphers (Korean Congress).

Appreciation of Li Damo's Calligraphy Works
Appreciation of Li Damo’s Calligraphy Works

In 2011, the National Invitation Exhibition of Artistic Style of Famous Calligraphers and Painters of “China’s Country of Westward Travel Culture” won the Gold Prize.

In 2013, China published the first set of creative list stamps, Nine Dragon Painting

In 2013, there were 18 creative works in Nine Dragon Painting and Nine Horse Painting, which were approved by the State Copyright Administration and possessed permanent copyright. Among them, “Nine Dragon Painting” is the first set of creative list stamps published by China Post. The stamp was selected as a gift for international friends by the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Carnival and Tourism Festival in Jiangmen, China in 2013.The first issue of stamps and press conference were reported by more than ten media including CCTV, CCTV’s “China’s influence” column, South Daily and Jiangmen TV.

In May 2014, he participated in the “China List Art Summit Forum” held in Hangzhou.

In September 2014, China’s first set of “Nine Horse Painting” creative stamps were selected into the commemorative stamp album “Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China” issued by the Ministry of Posts of China. They were invited to Beijing for the first issue of stamps and stamps and press conferences, and were awarded the “Certificate of Honor for the Distribution of Posts by Famous Chinese Contemporary Calligraphers and Painters”. Among them, Former head of discipline inspection team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of Culture, Vice Minister of Culture Chang Keren, former head of the Stamp Printing Bureau of the State Post Office Chen Wenqi, and other leaders and scholars.

Appreciation of Li Damo's Calligraphy Works
Appreciation of Li Damo’s Calligraphy Works

In 2015, “Nine Horse Painting” was re-selected as the “National Business Card” commemorative album composed of ten artists of calligraphy and painting, which was issued to the whole country by Beijing Post Office.

In 2015, China’s first set of “Twelve Zodiac” lists was selected as “special stamps of famous Chinese masterpieces handed down from generation to generation”. The works were independently compiled into a complete set of postage products, which were combined with a single set of works of 19 famous masters and distributed to the whole country by Beijing Post Office.

In 2015, he was selected as the special issue of “The 70th Anniversary Parade of Contemporary Most Contributing Calligraphers and Painters” sponsored by Chinese Enterprises Report, and was honored as the cover figure.

In 2015, his works and personal achievements were selected and published by the People’s Publishing House. The “Model Times” compiled by the Guangdong Provincial Committee and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government is the designated book and document for China’s foreign economic exchanges.

In 2015, Calligraphy Exhibition was held in Qingzhou Gold Art Museum of Shandong Province.

In 2015, Calligraphy Exhibition was held in Beijing Guoqiyuan Art Museum.

In May 2016, a personal calligraphy exhibition was held at the Fine Arts Center of the Chinese National Academy of Painting in Beijing.

In 2017, he participated in the Spring Festival Evening of Chinese Calligraphy “Splashing ink on Chinese sentiment” on China Education Television, and was awarded “Most Social Responsibility Artist”.

In April 2017, Sotheby Pictorial, a well-known international auction company, publicized calligraphy works in its global special issue.

In May 2017, Gujinggong Group first selected Li Damo’s creative “dragon” character list to incorporate into the appearance packaging design of state banquet wine.

In May 2017, Beijing Poly International Convention and Exhibition Center held a personal calligraphy exhibition.

In May 2017, his works were exhibited at the 50th Japan International Book Exhibition held by the Tokyo Museum of Art, Japan, and won the gold medal.

In May 2017, he was compiled into the World Contemporary Artists’ Canon.

Appreciation of Li Damo's Calligraphy Works
Appreciation of Li Damo’s Calligraphy Works

In May 2017, CCTV Securities Information Channel “Look at the World” column target recognition, comprehensive selection of Li Damo handwriting.

CCTV Old Story Channel, during the Spring Festival of 2019, TV broadcasts celebrities of painting and calligraphy Li Damo to celebrate the New Year to the people of the whole country!

Fu Jingsheng, a Book critic, commented on his works: “It is precious that thick fibers are connected with each other, blood vessels are connected with each other, bones and muscles are old and healthy, spirits are free and easy, and movements are free and rhythmical. It can be said that the writing power is vigorous, magnificent and plump.”

Mr. Zhang Kun, member of the Art Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture, commented on his works as follows: Mr. Li is so affectionate that he is able to inject all kinds of sentiment into his mind. Because of his precise brushwork, he can make the bottom of the pen as flowing clouds and water and have both form and spirit. More importantly, because he has all kinds of beauty, he can make the writing of calligraphy reach the ultimate state of magnificence and harmony.

Mr. Li Xiongcai, a master of traditional Chinese painting, commented on his works: “Vigorous, elegant, concentrate on breath smoothly”, and gladly inscribed on an eight-foot “goose” list work “Xixiong Virtuous Nephew’s Proud Works”.

Teacher Li Damo’s calligraphy works were shown on the big screen of Nasdaq in Times Square, New York, USA in December 2018, and awarded the honorable title of “Contemporary Artist Landing on the First Screen in the World”.

Appreciation of Li Damo's Calligraphy Works
Appreciation of Li Damo’s Calligraphy Works

Huang Xiaoke, Executive Vice President of Huaxia Wanlihang Calligrapher and Painter Association, commented on his works: Mr. Li Damo’s calligraphy takes the calligraphy art of past dynasties as its source, and forms a writing style which has both solid foundation and its own characteristics. It strengthens the artistic beauty of calligraphy through the changeable strokes, structures and rules, and highlights the tradition and innovation, rigidity and softness, emptiness and reality, speed and slowness, thick and thin, light and heavy, large and small, right and slant, sparse and dense. Various changes, such as Lian and Shu, Zhuo and Qiao, Qiao and Xiu Qi, have brought the art of calligraphy to a higher level, achieving the artistic effects of appreciation, pleasure, refreshment, fitness and rhythm, and giving people a new kind of aesthetic enjoyment.

Li Damo was received by former Vice Premier Wu Guixian.Mr. Fu Xilu, former director of the secretarial bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Wang Zhaohua, former Secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and former standing vice-minister of the Central Organizational Department, have inscribed their inscriptions successively.

Biographies and works are included in the “Chinese Calligrapher and Painter Canon”, “World Calligrapher and Painter Appreciation in the 20th Century”, “World Calligrapher and Seal Carver Yearbook”, “Trans-Century Young Calligrapher and Painter Artist Classics”, “Guangdong Yearbook”, “China Collection”, “China Industry”, “Master’s Style”, “Appreciation of Works of Chinese Artists”, “Model of the Times”, “South Daily”, “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting”. Newspaper, China Philatelic Pictorial, Entrepreneur’s Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Jiangmen Daily and other lexicographical articles. Works are often published and awarded, and are also collected by domestic and foreign institutions and private collectors.

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