Appsolutely Studios Announces Their New Action Packed Game

Epic Battle for the Sun to Save the Human Race

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Jan 19, 2015 – Battle for the Sun is a new interactive first person shooter/combat game that is packed with action. This adrenaline filled game is to be released later in 2015. However, to finish development and ensure quality visual effects that will change the gaming world, they have created a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding necessary to make complete this.

Appsolutely Studios has been working on this project for years. Their team consists of highly involved and passionate individuals who simply wanted to create entertaining games that the world will enjoy. Battle for the Sun is a battle between the human race and aliens who have invaded earth to battle for the Sun. Players collaborate with military’s special ops to save mankind. The goal is to survive and clear the cities of alien soldiers, dangerous lizards, and snakes. It’s unique design and gameplay mechanics offers multiple intense levels where players use a large variety of weapons to defeat the enemy. This incredible and legendary game will be released on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

“Imagine our world is invaded by aliens – very powerful, much more powerful than us – who want to rule our plant!” says Neeta from Forum Fanatics. “It will be a serious situation, no doubt. But it can give rise to a lot of adventure, excitement, and a spirit of mankind that will unite to Fight!”

The battle to save the human race will keep gamers on their toes and ready to take on any enemy. Battle for the Sun game mechanics involves a first person melee and weapon combat, optional long ranged weapons, realistic AI and movement, props destruction and explosions, scenario based levels and missions, and an action packed free to play mode.

Battle for the Sun is currently in the alpha stage. Now they need support from dedicated gamers who enjoy epic battle games. To finish development of the game, their Kickstarter campaign goal is to raise $25,000 by February 28. 2015. The more money contributed, the better quality the final version will be and with additional levels and missions.

All supporters will receive special rewards such as a digital high quality wallpaper of the game, copy of Battle for the Sun, signed thank you card and photo of the development team, and so much more! Do not wait and help bring this life-changing game to users.

To make a contribution, visit their Kickstarter Campaign.

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