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The International Blockchain Fund (IBF) is a special investment fund for blockchain projects. Established by some of the world’s top investment institutions in 2010, its is based in the Global Financial Trade Center, New York with the primary focus of investing in global blockchain projects – both with or without tokens. The IBF has been witness to Bitcoin’s story from the beginning and prides itself on being a pioneer and preacher of developing blockchain technology. With a solid capital foundation, a complete financial management system in the US and an extensive background in tech, the team is comprised of a group of professional investors and has been actively involved throughout various countries and regions. These include more than 10 Wall Street investment institutions and consortia with project investment scope covering more than 20 countries and regions around the world equating to over $10billion dollars. Adhering to the investment value of “Take from the people and use from the people”, the IBF has invested in more than 800 blockchain projects over the past eight years, among which 79 projects have an investment return of over 100 times and 23 projects have an investment return of up to 1,000 times.

The vision of international blockchain fund community is to implement and provide a full range of services for global blockchain projects, including but not limited to mining investment and financing, mining hardware, digital assets transactions, community development, talent acquisition, education & training, legal affairs, financial management, high-end consultation, software outsourcing and marketing operations. The IBF is committed to creating a one-stop-shop for blockchain projects with complete economic integration of community recognition.

The Best Is Yet To Come - International Blockchain Fund

Into the future,the IBF will continue to adhere to community-based and community-value-oriented strategies for attracting new users through an incentive system comprised of referral rewards, airdrops candy distribution etc., The IBF has plans to allocate $200 million dollars for the sole purpose of acquiring new users, managing them and generating exposure based on a community value assessment and reward system. In addition, by using a highly autonomous model for managing the community, a new community credit endorsement model covering the whole community is established and constantly improved, this in turn lays a solid foundation for incubation of potential blockchain projects in the future. The IBF carries out a combination of social media and traditional marketing strategies to establish a general evaluation model on people’s social behavior through use of use of Big-data,machine learning and AI. This results in individual users becoming a mirror of the community,so as to really achieve community-driven-blockchain and ultimately return the blockchain to community users. Ultimately, the IBF plans to grow into the most dynamic blockchain project community around the world and become the largest source of traffic with user numbers expected to be more than 3 million, its ultimate goal is to bring about the reality of the win-win sharing economic model.

Blockchain is a powerful weapon for revolutionizing information on the traditional Internet; it also increases the value that the Internet can bring into the lives of people. Through interdisciplinary applications of computer science, P2P networks, distributed network consensus mechanisms, monetary theory, economics, operations research and psychology, blockchain provides infinite possibilities. The development of blockchain has had a profound impact on the national monetary system, world financial order, governance of multinational companies and management of credit society on a global scale. The IBF plans to become a pioneer in the blockchain industry, with the concept of “blockchain+” at its core, it will empower traditional industries and achieve mass-adoption.

The bear market may be in but the era of blockchain has arrived. Following this, the IBF is blowing the horn of the next information industry revolution. Join the IBF community to get through this market and achieve financial freedom together.

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