At Veterans Elementary School in Chula Vista, California, the mission is to support future leaders in their endeavors as they learn to “think, act, and be a hero” in keeping with the school’s motto. The school reflects the vision of the Chula Vista Elementary School District to provide a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment for every student.

With strong ties to the military and military-connected families in the community, Veterans Elementary always finds ways to bond with the military and veteran community throughout the school year. One way students and staff at Veterans Elementary accomplish this is with the annual “Honoring Our Heroes” Veterans Parade and Ceremony.

The event that takes place annually in November started as a small school parade 13 years ago to honor the elementary school’s beginnings. The parade has now grown into a City of Chula Vista event that features an abundance of fun appearances from marching bands to Girl Scout Troops, classic cars to students, and of course the stars of the parade—active duty and retired military personnel.

The “Honoring Our Heroes” parade is one way Veterans Elementary promotes patriotism and a love for history, while also honoring the large percentage of military families at the campus and other schools in Chula Vista Elementary School District. Events like the Veterans Parade help students understand the importance of honoring the country and those who serve it while also encouraging pride in the school and community.

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Founded in 1892 in southern San Diego County, California, the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) has 49 elementary schools, including charters, that are committed to ensuring a safe, challenging, and nurturing educational experience, where learning is valued and student growth and development inform instructional practices. The CVESD community is dedicated to providing youth with the support, resources, and guided experiences they need to actively explore the world around them. At CVESD, our mission is to nurture every child’s imagination, intellect, and sense of inquiry.

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