Koincable Shares Some View on the Quality Control of Their HDMI Cables

Guangdong Province, China – Koincable is a cable manufacturer for more than thirteen years now. Among their most in-demand products are the HDMI cables, which are known to be durable and flexible, making them effective no matter how the devices used are set up.

The company shares what happens during the manufacturing process of their cables. Quality control is very important to us. We make sure that someone will be there in each step of the manufacturing process so we will know that they are made carefully and properly. We are very strict when it comes to the quality of our cables. Koincable sales manager shares.

For Koincable, it is also a learning process for them which is why they always take part in each phase of the production of their cables. The company uses an effective management framework that focuses on the overall quality of their products, including their HDMI cables, DisplayPort, USB cables and adapters, and the USB-C. This strategy will involve the entire company – including the engineers and workers from all departments. It will even extend to their customers, which means that they provide after-sales support, catering to whatever needs and concerns their customers may have regarding their products.

Koincable is not only particular with the quality of their materials, but also the performance on how each step of the production process is done. This is why they only hire skilled workers and engineers who have the right attitude and mindset.

The hiring process takes some time because we make sure we hire the right people. We are very particular with the skills and experience they have, but also with their attitude and work ethics. We want people who understand the goals of the company and have the right resources to achieve that. Gerry Zhou, Koincables Business Manager, addressing how they chose their employees.

The Quality Control of their cables will undergo three stages, which will give the opportunity for clients to be so satisfied with their products that a strong partnership will be established between them and Koincable. This will include:

  1. Inspection of raw materials – A criteria will be observed for raw materials to be approved for the production of the various cables.

  2. Process quality control – This is done through a series of inspections, including the Aging Test, Structure Test, and Bending Test among others, with the use of major machines.

  3. Finished cable testing – The cables will undergo testing to make sure that they pass all of the international HDMI standards, as well as the specifications provided by the client. Clients will also receive the test certificated to make sure that their products are of high quality and are made according to their requirements.

About Koincable

Koincable is a well-known cable manufacturer for more than thirteen years now. They not only aim to provide customer satisfaction but also to establish long-term relationships with their customers. They manufacture various kinds of cables, including HDMI cables, DisplayPort, fiber optic cables, and USB cables and adapters

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Website: www.koincable.com

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