Trading Places: The Sort After Christian Poetry Book

Trading Places is poetry loaded with insight, revelation, and inspiration that will surely help you in your relationship with God and people

Jan 29, 2019 – Northern Virginia – Author and wife, Maryann Levy, releases his new book: Trading Places!

Are you currently searching for insight and great Christian Poetry book, exploring the highly discussed subject of the love of the Lord to our nation and personal relationship and encounter with Jesus Christ?

Fascinating and Insightful, Maryann Levy writes a wonderful book. It is a book with fourteen poems that were inspired by her relationship with Christ Jesus.

This Insightful and Intriguing book was written to showcase the truthful word of God, unveiling personal encounter in life, our nation and also, about a fictional family, thus unveiling a quest to spiritual enlightenment and maturity.

The poems in this book were hand-picked by Maryann and follow a realistic pattern, moving in accordance with the very nature of salvation itself. She wrote her first poem when she was fourteen and not yet a Christian. Written to people who realize that the Lord demands a surrendered heart, soul and mind.

For discipleship purposes sometimes, we need to step outside the box, perhaps we make use of stories or music or acts of kindness as our hallmarks. For Maryann, she finds sharing the Good News through poetry alongside sharing bits of her personal testimony is the key. Come let’s have a poetic walk with Maryann Levy as she opens our eyes; – One poem at a time, starting with the poem she wrote when she was just fourteen years old “My Life is Like an Island” and not yet a Christian.

The right blend of a well-written and relevant poems, thrilling headings, and Christ inspiration make Trading Places worth of reading. Both friendly and exhilarating, Trading Places is a book for anybody who seeks to worship God the Father, and who finds the rich language of Christians of old useful in that endeavor.

You will find in this book poems about her, about our Nation, and about a fictional family in the late 1800’s who were in the early years of establishing their homestead.

With 14 poems, the words come alive in this book, as the Author delves into having a personal encounter with Christ. Hope rooted in Faith is an important ingredient in most of the poems. The book begins with Poems about the Author and is written from the mother’s perspective.

Getting this book will be one of the best things you would get for yourself as the Author writes with an eye towards Hope and her gaze fixed on Christ.

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