BCIA holds a cultural activity themed “Splendid Chinese New Year – Special Cultural Presents” to celebrate the Little New Year (Xiaonian)

On January 28, 2019, BCIA held a cultural activity themed “Splendid Chinese New Year · Special Cultural Presents” to celebrate the Little New Year (Xiaonian, a festival falls on the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month) in three terminals. As “China’s No.1 Gateway”, BCIA is a faithful inheritor and promoter of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. As the Little New Year is the prelude to the Chinese Lunar New Year, in order to vividly present the customs of different places in the Little New Year to passengers, the duration of the cultural activity for the Little New Year increased from one day to four days. What’s more, there were more colorful performances and interactions showing the Spring Festival atmosphere, making passengers feel the booming Spring Festival atmosphere in the terminals in advance.


Beginning on January 28 at 9:00 a.m., the cultural activity themed “Splendid Chinese New Year · Special Cultural Presents” officially kicked off with the playing of the folk music of Blooming Flowers and Full Moon and Rising Higher Step by Step in BCIA’s terminals. Originated from ancient court performance, the folk music performance has profound historical accumulation. Professional performers that once performed on the stage of the BTV Spring Festival gala played the opening folk music for passengers. In the following days, cultural programs full of New Year’s atmosphere such as water-sleeve dancing, Beijing Opera ballet, and lion dancing were also performed, which drew bursts of applause.


It is worth mentioning that, in the activity of calligraphic culture benefiting the people themed “One Heart and One Calligraphy · Happy Chinese New Year” — to send fortune to people, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Calligraphers Association, and CCTV China Network Television jointly presented the charm of Chinese character “fortune” to the passengers, sending blessings of New Year to them. A simple Chinese character “fortune” added festive and peaceful atmosphere to the festival and also carried people’s yearning for a better life. This was also bound to mobilize national spirit and lead social fashion.


On the site of the activity, there were also interactions such as “fortune” writing, dough modelling, Chinese knotting, and paper quilling, striving to improve passengers’ sense of experience and sense of gain during their travel at the airport. In the departure hall of the Terminal 1, greeting cards with blessings such as “May all go well with you!” and “Happy New Year” were prepared, which sent New Year’s blessings to passengers and their families. In the departure hall of the Terminal 2, professional persons taught passengers paper quilling. As the beautiful mind outpoured from the fingertips, passengers got a new skill. In the departure hall of the Terminal 3, inheritors of China’s intangible cultural heritage were invited to present the paper cuttings and dough modelling for passengers. Dough modelling is a kind of Chinese traditional folk art. It takes the flour as the main material and is made by hands and simple tools in different colors. Inheritors, with the techniques of “imprinting, pinching, inlaying, and rolling”, made various vivid figures. Chinese knots are one of the China-specific handwoven handicrafts. Inheritors told its evolution history from knotting in making clothes in the Old Stone Age, to the etiquette in the Han Dynasty, and then to today’s decorative crafts while presenting the craftsmanship that integrated twining, winding, and drawing with accessories and hangings. Chinese knots such as “Ruyi Knot”, “Fu Character Knot”, “Reunion Knot”, “Safety Knot”, and “Luck Knot” were presented to passengers one by one, which attracted many domestic and international passengers to stop to appreciate them and feel the strong Spring Festival atmosphere. 

In recent years, BCIA, on the occasions of Chinese traditional festivals, carries forward Chinese traditional culture and demonstrates cultural confidence through a series of cultural and artistic forms, which innovatively convey and present traditional culture at “China’s No.1 Gateway”, and delivers “Chinese stories” through various artistic forms. These activities further strengthen the foundation for the construction of a humanistic airport and lay a solid foundation for BCIA to set up a cultural brand benchmark in the international field. Later, BCIA will launch a series of cultural interactive activities in succession. Through splendid cultural feasts, it will pass on the profound Chinese culture, deliver its sincere service concept, consolidate the national cultural confidence, and constantly build a new benchmark of Chinese services with the connotation of sincere service.

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