Ask Geek Announces Launch Of CPU/GPU Comparison Service

When it comes to choosing a CPU or GPU, it helps to have careful and reasoned research done before making the investment in the equipment.

Ask Geek and John Parsons are pleased to announce that they have done the research to explain, describe and compare the top CPUs and GPUs. Pairs of processors and compared in a comprehensive list of characteristics. The comparison for processors includes essentials, performance, memory, graphics, graphics interfaces, compatibility, peripherals, security and reliability, advanced technologies and virtualization. For each pair, reasons to consider each of the choices are listed. In setting out the comparisons, full descriptions are available.

The website breaks down each of the ranking categories with further information about elements such as price, place in performance rating, vertical segment and launch date. The Performance breakdown lists the number of cores, maximum frequency, L1, L2 and L3 cache, front-side bus and other elements. Further breakdowns are available for Memory, Graphics, Compatibility, Peripherals and others. Not all processors have information in all of the categories and sub-categories, but the listings are very comprehensive for presented equipment. Both Intel and AMD processors are included in the descriptions and comparisons.

The second major area where the website is helpful is in comparing and describing videocards. In this grouping, there are three manufacturers which are listed: Intel, NVIDIA, ATI and AMD. The comparative analysis identifies all known characteristics in the categories of Essentials, Technical Info, Video outputs and ports, compatibility, dimensions and requirements, API support and Memory. There are subcategories in each of these areas.

Although this information is very detailed and can be very helpful to the person who is interested in getting into the most specific features of a particular videocard, the decision still falls on the buyer. The convenience of being able to compare equipment in a side by side pairing is beneficial for those who don’t want to search dozens of website for the needed information. The details are updated as additional specifications are available.

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