SYG Girls’ Group attended “Ins-Mode Award” and won “Asian potential Girls’ Group”

On January 9, 2019, the 2019 Asian Ins-Mode Awrad hosted by Hip Hop Star (Beijing) Cultural Media was successfully held at the Beijing Star Base. The award is an annual awards ceremony that spans fashion, entertainment, film, music and many other fields, inviting Asian social media, live broadcast platforms, and short video platform icon. It is known as the “Oscar” award in every field icon. In this grand award ceremony, Zhe Guan(Grady Anthan), Chi Jin (J.C), Xiaomin Wang(Tracy), Linxi Duan(Jeremy Duan), Xinjiekou Band, Yue Fang, Chao Lu, SYG Girls’ Group and other 80 groups of artists and icons attended.


The Asian Red Man Festival is an international platform for the merge of contemporary artist stars and Internet icons. In particular, for the first time, everyone sees the collision and close relationship between the entertainment industry, the icons, and outstanding singers, actors. It reveals the value of each type of artist.

SYG Girls’ Group was invited to attend the ceremony.  They walked on the red carpet with a beautiful and sexy fashionable dress, quickly attracted the reporter’s spotlight, and instantly became the focus of media discussion. Under the attention of hundreds of media and guests and artists, SYG Girls’ Group won the “Asian potential Girls’ Group” and took the stage to receive the award.youthful and beautiful images dress made her shine in the ceremony.


SYG Girls’ Group is the best person to won the award,I believe they will bring more surprises to everyone in the new year!

The Asian Red Man Festival was successfully concluded, and it has won unanimous praise from the industry. It has outlined the integration of the reds and the entertainment industry and commercial resources, which shows the great imagination and influence of the “red people” in this era on the cultural level. The emergence of the Asian Red Man Festival has grown into a brand new unicorn platform.

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