Bubble Risk Relieve, Rogers Plans to Invest the World-Class Bitcoin Futures Trading Engine – BITMT

The Financial Channel of American ABC Studio expands the Wall Street financial figures dialogue program, once a month. For this edition, the interviewee is one of the founders of Soros Foundation – Jim Rogers and the topic is the most global hot one – Bitcoin. Rogers is always called by Infant Prodigy of Wall Street and is famous for his viewpoints which are unique and not accord with the mainstream but often are justified.

Host: Good afternoon, Mr. Rogers.
Rogers: Good afternoon.

Host: You published your new book – A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing. Is the book selling well?
Rogers: It’s very nice.

Host: I heard that you are more popular in China than in USA. Really?
Rogers: Yes, one month earlier, I received the Blockchain conference invitation coming from China. But I keep prudent on their program. I think that the government controls the Bitcoin well. Although China quite welcome the foreign investment, the Bitcoin is not the A share. Hence, though the price is charming, I still shall be cautious for that.

Host: Have you ever expressed that the Bitcoin is the bubble and would not exist forever?
Rogers: Yes, it was about one year ago. At that time, Chicago Bitcoin Exchange did not start officially, and the Bitcoin bubble reached to 13,000 dollars. I have ever warned but now it is different. The bubbles have been pierced which is a good phenomenon.

Host: You have ever said that the world would confront the dramatic change. Does it occur?
Rogers: The whole global is studying the blockchain technologies and eagers to issue national-class digital currencies. It is a quite great change. The non-cash world is forging ahead quickly including the US government. But I also deem that they are wrong. The Bitcoin release the hegemony and freedom so that only the digital currencies with belief could exist for long term.

Host: Do you believe that the current Bitcoin price is rational?
Rogers: I think that it possesses more and more value. Though it could not be deliberately evaluated like the stock, its popularity drives the whole global so that it is valuable. But I also would be cautious because its value would not be reflected on the price.

Host: What is about your next investment program?
Rogers: The Bitcoin Infrastructure Program attracts my interest such as BITMT. It is a trading engine which could support the global expansion. I also prefer the BAKKT exchange or TUSD Stable Coin but I would not invest them. Because I do not like to stick together. Although the Microsoft, Starbucks and even the Mr. Li Ka-shing in Hong Kong had invited me, I feel that BITMT model is featured by removing hegemony and possessing freedom which enjoys Bitcoin belief at most.

Host: Do you think what can the US President do for the development of digital currency?
Rogers: Releasing supervision, removing the backstage thought of TUSD and supporting USD and Bitcoin to be more circulated could make the TUSD grow quickly. But I do not believe him and the protectionist policy violates the natural rule essentially.

Host: I also heard that your old friend – George Soros remarked the Chinese government, really?
Rogers: Yes, I see. He is an isolationist as well as a supporter of trade protection. And I am not in harmony with him.

Host: How do you think the change of global economic?
Rogers: The global economic has already entered the shock period. The trade protection would cause more dispute sanction and the fall of Dow Jones is the best example. Both the foreign exchange market and gold could not escape, and the staple commodity would lose attraction. Only the Bitcoin is still equipped with the circulation spirit but I would also be prudent.

Host: Thanks for your coming.
Rogers: OK.

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