“Stories about Kunming” Depicts Colorful Scenery of the Spring City Kunming

Kunming tourism development committee released a most complete introduction.

The city has profound history and culture, green mountains, clear waters and climate like spring throughout the year. The city is famous in the world for the fresh flowers full of blossom in every month; tasty food of different cuisines is offered in the city; and the city is home to outstanding people. Recently, Kunming tourism development committee released a latest introduction to Kunming landscapes.

Top sceneries mentioned by Kunming tourism development committee are listed as follows:

Ancient Dian Wharf

It is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China, and the capital of Yunnan known as the “south of colorful clouds” –Kunming. Kunming comes to the 1st place among top 80 spring cities in the world, wins the gold prize in international garden cities, and gets selected in one of “the most beautiful cities in China in 2018”.

Dongchuan Red Land

Kunming has become one of the cities for foreigners to have transit without visa for 144h since January 1, 2019, and tourists from 53 countries can have fun in Kunming for 6 whole days without visa. The convenient way enables more overseas tourists to come to Kunming and get to know this city.

Kunming Changshui Airport

Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commission has always attached much importance to the promotion of Kunming image overseas. On this occasion, it presents the creative “Stories about Kunming” videos to the world, and showcases Kunming as a tourism city in multiple ways and dimensions.

Longmen Grottoes in Xishan Mountain

“Stories about Kunming” videos have texts rich in wisecracks, cute and lovely free sketching images, unique and creative ideas, vivid and interesting stories. They give presentations to the history, scenery, flowers, food, etc. of Kunming.

Hot springs in Kunming

Kunming has a long history and profound culture. The “Existence of a Capital City” tells the history of Kunming in a grand and humorous way, and highlights on the splendid and glorious days of Kunming.

Vajra Pagoda in the Guandu Old Town

Kunming has endowed natural environment and extremely rich tourism resources. The Stone Forest is a “World Geopark”, Kunming Expo Garden gathers horticulture essence of the world, Yunnan Nationalities Village gathers folklores of 26 nationalities, and old streets of Kunming demonstrate ethnic architectural styles. All these above are displayed in “the Scenery Has Its Story Here”.

Stone Forest Scenic Spot

Kunming is a city “with fresh flowers everywhere in the spring city”. The monthly flowers are introduced one by one in the “the Spring City and Capital of Flowers, Flowers Full of Blossom in Spring”. “Flowers full of blossom throughout the year and different flowers in four seasons” is the authentic depiction of Kunming.

Laoyu River Wetland Park

Kunming is also the capital of gourmet. Yunnan cuisine is famous for ethnic features. It has various materials for food, the taste of food is fresh and tender, and the food here is inclusive with intense flavors. Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, Yiliang Roasted Duck, Steam Pot Chicken, and mouth-watering mushrooms, fresh flowers, snacks, etc. are displayed in “Have Authentic Local Food in the Capital of Flowers”, and audiences will get amazed at the unique taste of Yunnan.

Cross Bridge Rice Noodles

“Stories about Kunming” is a window for international tourists to get to know Kunming. Meanwhile Kunming is paying every effort to focus on every detail and provide good experience for tourists, so travelers in Kunming will eat tasty food, have sound sleep, watch excellent shows, have great experiences, enjoy much fun, and have a pleasant stay, leaving favorable impression on Kunming.

The existence of a capital city:

Click to watch “Stories about Kunming” Cartoon Videos: https://file6cbfccc74f03.iamh5.cn/v3/idea/ZbUtSGge

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