In a Country Plagued With Addiction Online Program “Self Recovery” Delivers an Extraordinary, Science-Based Holistic Recovery Method

Frustrated by both the growing number of addicts and the lack of access many have to existing recovery programs Daniel Hochman, MD, has developed and is offering to patients “Self Recovery: The Online Addiction Recovery Program”, a system based on science, psychology, & holistic healing.

January 30, 2019 – It’s a quite alarming, and to many shocking, fact that only one in ten people who are in need of recovery treatment are actually receiving it. With addiction numbers on the rise, this problem is assuredly only getting worse in the United States, not better. And even those receiving “treatment” are doing it through programs with appalling success records. This is a grave concern that Daniel Hochman, MD, has thought about for years, finally inspiring him to combine his knowledge of science, psychology, human nature, and first hand experience in seeing the strengths and weaknesses of other recovery programs and deliver a high-probability solution for those with little or no access to hands-on direct help. Dr. Hochman’s system is titled “Self Recovery: The Online Addiction Recovery Program” and it is being met with a great deal of enthusiasm, especially from those who tried other roads to recovery that ended up not delivering what they promised.

“If we ignore addiction two things are certain – the problem is not going to vanish and it is only going to get worse,” commented the very passionate Dr. Hochman. “Thinking outside of the box, using science-based, holistic methods, combined with the right psychology and taking advantage of how plugged in our society is online, are all pieces to the puzzle that can be put together to equal a person who has overcome drug or alcohol addiction, in my opinion and experience. That’s the structure ‘Self Recovery: The Online Addiction Recovery Program is based on. We are trying to spread the word and help as many people as possible.”

Joining the program only takes a minute or two online, and the lessons and meditations can get started immediately. Based on the science of behavior change, “Self Recovery” works on not just getting the person past addiction but also into living a lifestyle that is healthy, positive, and sustainable. Many of these vital things Dr. Hochman found missing in past, dated programs.

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