Phoenix Quwais: In Defense Of The White Man

Los Angeles, USA – Adam & Eve, that’s where it all began many, many, many, many, many moons ago!

As you grow up and older and inevitably become cynical, you begin to suffer existential dilemmas and begin to question your life and ponder your own existance and mortality. You begin to wonder about religion, spirituality, and the miracle of life in general. You wonder if the Abrahamic religions are true and unadulterated or just a selection of tall-tales spun by imaginative poets.

I don’t know for sure, but what I do trust is my own instincts. And my instincts tell me that Adam & Eve did exit for the simple and logical reason being that to establish any farm you need a breeding pair. On that point atheists and believers can all agree. There was an Adam and an Eve, but logic suggests that there was one for each individual race; perhaps even more than one breeding pair for each continent.

Creation is NOT a myth!

And big bangs do NOT create life. When has an explosion ever created anything? Explosions do the exact opposite of create. And monkeys did NOT evolve into humans, and if they did then why are they still around today? When something evolves into something else, the former disappears.

 So I’d like to take this opportunity to call… BULLSHIT!

Back to Adam & Eve and breeding pairs; these breeding pairs,  in my opinion, God named generically as Adam & Eve. He let them breed and inter-breed for centuries. Then he sent them all traipsing around the globe in a prolonged diaspora that still hasn’t ceased. Comedian Dave Chappelle said it best when he once said, “We’re gonna keep fucking and breeding until we’re all beige!”

One of the most famous or dare I say infamous of those races God created is the Caucasian race. And the male of this race is the subject of my next rant. The white man gets a very bad reputation for all that he has done on this earth. He has found infamy and garnered notoriety for his numerous indiscretions, most notably… slavery.

I say bad reputation and undeservedly so, because despite his evils and shortcomings he has done more to enrich the lives of his fellow man than any other. This is FACT! And this is not an aryan saying this, but a black man, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks on behalf of all other races, to the white man for his contribution to the world…

Thank you for inventing toilet paper, because we’d be wiping our asses with tree leaves right now if it wasn’t invented. Thank you for inventing the pill and birth control. Thank you for electricity. Thank you for the combustion engine. Thank you for the internet. Thank you for penicillin. Thank you for Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Chastain. Thank you motion pictures. Thank you for the French kiss. Thank you cunnilingus. Thank you for crude oil, even though it’s God’s doing. And thank you for all the many, many things I forgot to mention. These words are very sincere, especially when I compare your contribution to America and the world at large with that of Mexicans and El Salvadorians.

Where do I begin? How can one put this eloquently?

The Mexican or El Salvadorian contribution to the world and to America particularly is profound and well-documented; they’re all over the news daily. In addition to all of that good stuff we see on television, their only contribution to the United States as Phoenix Quwais sees it, is tacos, tequila, faeces and carbon dioxide! Lets hope Hispanics keep up the good work in America. The dystopia they’re creating is simply sublime. One day America and Canada can look forward to being as safe, peaceful, and prosperous as Mexico and El Salvador. Lady Liberty’s legs are wide open in the south and we have the Democrats and their two-headed snake of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to thank for this inevitable future. 

Let me now wind this thing up by saying, if you like cold hard truth and casual racism, Phoenix Quwais will serve it al fresco. God bless America. God bless Britain. Long live Phoenix Quwais!!!

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