New UltraBatch Single & Multiple Line Order Processing System Introduced at Promat 2015

The new UltraBatch™ single and multiple line order processing work station allows organizations to increase operator throughput by up to 1/3, increasing accuracy and matching order profiles automatically.

The UltraBatch work station can be integrated and configured to work with manual, semi-manual and fully automated goods-to-person inventory storage systems.

In goods-to-person systems the work station is configured so SKUs/inventory is automatically presented to the operator at an ergonomic height (blue totes in the attached photo). Simultaneously totes or shipping containers are automatically staged at thigh height for filling of orders (red totes in the attached photo).  Totes may be divided to support multiple orders or SKUs if cube allows.

Integrated software presents the description, part number and photo of each item to be picked to assure accuracy. The screen also tells the operator how many items must be picked. The integrated pick to light displays tell the operator where to place the picked items and the quantity for each location.

For operations with a high concentration of single line orders, a consolidation process is employed.  One ‘Put’ location is dedicated to single line orders.  Each product tote is evaluated for opportunity single line picks when presented for other picks.  If required the system will direct the operator to pick any single line order items from each tote as it is at the station for other picks.  When a single line order tote is complete it is automatically released and routed to a deconsolidation / packing station.  In fact, the entire system inducts, releases and introduces new totes and shipping containers automatically. The operator simply pushes a task complete button after each transaction is complete and lets the system do the rest.

Highly efficient UltraBatch work stations are designed and implemented to match the inbound flow of goods. The compact nature of the work station eliminates virtually all walk and search time. Depending on throughput requirements, one UltraBatch work station can have access to tens of thousands of SKUs eliminating tremendous amounts of labor.

The UltraBatch system can be implemented in new and existing order picking systems.

Integrated Systems Design – ISD is a leading manufacturer, systems consultant, designer and integrator for order picking, packing, shipping and assembly operations for warehousing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing organizations in North America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation’s activities change in the future. Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on Investments (ROI).

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