Lawrence Long, LA-Based Entrepreneur, Bringing Community Awareness To Bars and Restaurants

A focus on history, locally grown produce, and community awareness is turning struggling bars and restaurants into successful businesses. Consultant Lawrence Long’s unique approach is gaining national attention.

Entrepreneur, Lawrence Long, helps bar and restaurant owners bring their bar and cocktail programs up to the newest standards of excellence, with a focus on history, locally grown produce, and community awareness. 

“By incorporating locally-sourced ingredients into your cocktail program, any bar owner can cut costs, improve quality, and command premium prices for their cocktails,” stated Long.

The word ‘local’ is one of America’s hot new buzz words.

Although the idea of buying locally grown food is not at all new, the local food movement has certainly picked up momentum in recent years and has therefore thrust the word “local” into all kinds of headlines. 

Forty years ago it was mostly grown hippies and environmentalists who promoted local food. College towns had food co-ops and bigger cities hosted weekend farmer’s markets. Today, politicians, white collar workers, blue collar workers, housewives, retirees, college students and people from all parts of society are getting on the local food movement bandwagon.

Long has launched a business to help bars and restaurants capitalize on this emerging trend.

With over a decade in the bar business, Lawrence utilizes everything from the most classic cocktail recipes, to the newest trends and tools needed to help keep pace in this fast growing, exciting business. 

Long stated, “Cocktail quality is everything – it’s what creates a following, keeps people coming back and spending more. Our clients see a profit increase of 40% or more in the first five weeks.”

Famed singer/song writer, Amos Lee is a strong proponent of the local food movement Long is leading.

Lee said, “Understanding where your food comes from, trying to bolster local farmers and local economies and having a better connection to the food around you and the people around you, only good can come of that. I love to be involved with things like that.”

Long gets his love and appreciation of all things food and drink from his mother, a candy maker, who used locally grown almonds for her classic English toffee. 

He moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to attend UCLA and shortly afterwards found himself immersed in the growing bar scene. The local food movement of the late 2000’s spurred him on a track towards bringing local farmers and producers to the bar as well as the kitchen.

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