aims to make history by launching the first ever crowdfunding site dedicated to the Toy Industry!

With the ever changing landscape of the toy development and retail industry, crowd funding is becoming a gateway to toy innovators who have ideas that may have been passed up by large toy companies for whatever reason.  Crowd funding companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have benchmarked thousands of fully funded projects, from 3D printers to nationally distributed feature films such as Veronica Mars. 

Now, Toy Backer has created the first crowdfunded site dedicated solely to the Toy Industry. The hope is to create a hub for creative innovators of all types, to be able to share their toy or kids product ideas and see them come to fruition through the most important financial backer out there, the consumer.

Now’s crowd funded, two tier platform will not only allow great Kids and Toy ideas to be developed through direct consumer support, but they also plan to offer the campaigner that gets fully funded, the option to have Toy Backer act as temporary agents. By doing this Toy Backer will be able to facilitate or aid in the potential placement to a sponsoring toy or kids licensed product company. 

Toy Backer plans a soft launch During Feb Toy Fair 2015 and will continue its marketing campaign throughout the year. Toy Backer is now accepting campaign submission online.

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