Mesowatch Encourages California Oil Refinery Workers Diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer to Call for Immediate Lawsuit Settlement Assistance with Leading Nationwide Asbestos Exposure Attorneys

“Mesowatch is committed to providing you with trusted legal assistance on mesothelioma and lung cancer and other types of lung cancer. You can count on Mesowatch to help you protect your rights and get the legal assistance you deserve.”
Mesowatch focuses on providing California oil refinery workers diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer who were exposed to asbestos in the workplace with access to lawsuit and settlement assistance from leading national asbestos exposure attorneys. With a free case evaluation, our attorneys are prepared to listen to your full work history and help determine all details of your workplace asbestos exposure.

Although many asbestos-containing products were banned from production over 30 years ago, unfortunately, many of those products remain in use within the oil industry today.

Therefore, contacting the Mesowatch Free Legal Help Line at 800-956-9876 can provide immediate access to a free case evaluation by skilled and experienced mesothelioma and lung cancer attorneys. Connect with Mesowatch attorneys for immediate assistance in setting up your case for a compensation settlement from all potentially liable parties.

With California as a primary state producing petroleum products, this industry is known to contain a high risk of asbestos exposure, oil refinery workers face a high likelihood of developing mesothelioma or lung cancer due to their extent of asbestos exposure. Many benefits of asbestos in the oil industry include it being heat-resistant, flame-retardant and impervious to chemical corrosion.

Asbestos is soft and pliable and can be used in numerous industries and applications that usually require some type of soft, flexible fabric. Whether in its crude form or in any of its several stages of refinement, petrochemicals are highly volatile substances.

This makes asbestos very useful in petroleum refineries in regards to preventing death or injury from the flame, while also preventing property damage throughout the entire refinery. However, as asbestos ages it becomes “friable”, a stage where it is brittle and can crumble easily, releasing microfibers into the air and causing health dangers to those who breathe it in.

During Hurricane Rita in California, high winds damaged the insulation in many of these refineries, spreading asbestos fibers throughout not only the refineries themselves but out into the environment across the region:

Oil refinery workers were usually exposed to high levels of asbestos on a daily basis. While major oil refineries are located all across the country, there are numerous locations in California, exposing both employees and local citizens to asbestos. The oil refinery workers are not only at high risk for the development of mesothelioma and lung cancer due to asbestos exposure, but

they would have brought the fibers home after work and through secondary exposure family members at home also receive health risks from asbestos exposure. They are also advised to contact us for a case evaluation. Everyone in the area of these California refineries faces the potential of having used to asbestos-containing products while many of those products that were input to the refineries still remain in use:

  • Anchor Refining

  • Arco Oil Refinery

  • Atlantic Richfield California

  • Bakersfield Refining Company

  • Chevron Oil

  • Equilon Enterprises LLC

  • Exxon Mobil Refining & Supply

  • Greka Energy

  • Huntway Refining

  • Kern County Refining, Inc.

  • Los Angeles Refining Company

  • Martinez Refining Company

  • Mobil Oil Refinery

  • Occidental Oil Company Refinery

  • Paramount Petroleum

  • San Joaquin Refining

  • Shell Oil Refinery – Martinez

  • Tosco Refining California

  • Ultramar Diamond California

  • Union Oil Company

  • Union Oil Cracking Plant

  • Union Oil Refinery

  • Union Oil Refinery – El Segundo

  • Union Oil Refinery – San Pedro

  • World Oil Lunday-Thagard Company

Many oil refineries are now considered “Superfund” toxic sites by the US EPA. Superfund sites are polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations. The amount of asbestos exposure experienced by at least one of these locations can be incredible. The EPA website provides a list of national priority sites determined to be “Superfund” sites because of toxicity. 

About 3,000 US citizens are diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer each year due to past asbestos exposure. According to the CDC, the mesothelioma or lung cancer victim is an average age of 72 and initially misdiagnosed due to pneumonia symptoms like a serious cough, chest pain, and trouble breathing. With the initial delayed symptoms not appearing until up to 40 years after asbestos exposure, the delay causes these aggressive cancers to take a toll very quickly:

According to Mesowatch, “Our approach is simple yet strong: asbestos victims and their families have every right to the support of experienced mesothelioma and lung cancer lawyers prepared to work persistently for your benefit. By calling the Mesowatch Asbestos Law Center at 800-956-9876you will be able to speak immediately with an experienced attorney who understands the need to process your case in a timely manner, working with all available resources to help you efficiently through this difficult time.”

Before you hire a mesothelioma attorney to set up a mesothelioma compensation claim please contact Mesowatch at 800-956-9876to talk to one of our skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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