This orthopedic pillow may help people in dealing with insomnia and restlessness with its innovative design

OM Comfort Pillow No. 4.8 is a brand new, innovative product launched on Kickstarter which is designed to induce a nice and comfortable sleep. It is an orthopedic pillow, made with high-quality materials with a comprehensive design that provides the best possible head and neck support while relieving pressure to relax the user and allow them to fall asleep quickly.

The cushion cover of the pillow is made from unique materials and thousands of soft fiber balls, which is suitable for all skin types even the allergy prone. The pillow may be an effective solution to avoid neck pain, shoulder, and back pain as well as concentration problems, stress, insomnia, and depressive moods. Made in Germany, OM Comfort Pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleepers including back, side and stomach sleepers.

The Beta testers have given great response to the OM Comfort pillow, one of whom says, “I could not have imagined how balanced I was after a 15 minutes power nap” while another one says, “I do not realize how fast I fall asleep, count to three and I dream like a baby”.

Benefits of OM Comfort pillow:

Ergonomic Support: It provides the best quality head and neck support to avoid pain due to uncomfortable pillows.

Comfortable for anyone: The pillow is made from thousands of soft fiber balls which can be removed to adjust the height of the pillow as per the requirement.

Suitable for all skin types: The use of fibers like Tencel and Silveryarn make the pillow breathable, anti-bacterial, super soft and heat absorbing.

Add-ons: The pillow can be filled with a few sleeping stones or lavender to enjoy a relaxing sleep

Eco-friendly: TENCEL® is a pure wood cellulose fiber, and 100% natural. As compared to cotton, TENCEL® needs 10-20 times less water and has 6 times higher area yield. 

Reduces stress: The unique design of the pillow relaxes the user and induces good sleep.

Beautiful Design: The pillow cover features the beautiful ‘flower of life’ design which represents the sacred geometry and the primordial pattern of all life.

Available in multiple sizes

The retail price of the OM Pillow is estimated to be €125 but the backers have a chance to get the pillow at an early bird price of €75. More information about the OM Comfort Pillow No. 4.8 and other rewards for supporting the campaign can be found on their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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