Braydbunch: The Rapper Who Brought Something New To the Rap World

The world of rap has been one of the most ‘masculine’ branches of music. Braydbunch is there to bring something new

February 18, 2019 – It has been a tiring two weeks for Braydbunch, a female rapper who has released at least three tracks in the course of two weeks. This Soundcloud-famous rapper has been around for a while now, but her tracks are not the only thing that has launched her popularity these last few moments. Her popularity stems not mostly from her tracks, but from her bravery to be defiant. Braydbunch is one of the not-so-many transgender rappers in the world, and she is here to stay.

While the fans of this underground rapper might not be able to listen to her tracks in the more popular radio station, those with access to underground rap music might find her rapping her heart out. Soundcloud is a proven alternative for those who are curious about her music, and she had just released a track titled Why You So Mad Bro? for her follower to listen. Not only that, she had several songs under her belt, namely Solo Adobo and her most popular song to date Deaf to the Hate.

For those interested in seeing what she has on offer, this Soundcloud Page is the place to go. Braydbunch lives in Soundcloud, offering her tracks free of charge for people who is with her. The biggest new name in SoundCloud Rap. Millions of plays around the world. She aims to be one of the most prominent rappers in the world, and there was no quicker way to reach that than by giving the people what they want: free stuff. Not only that, her fans who want to connect with her might give her Soundcloud a page because it contains every sort of links that will definitely bring them to her. From the popular Instagram to the least known Russian website VK (who is trying their hands on the English language), her fans can find Brady practically everywhere.

Braydbunch is one of the voices of the trans people and she rocks it. Her tracks, inspired by the likes of Eminem and David Bowie – who is oddly not a rapper – brought the voice of the trans with her. She alleviates the pain that trans people have endured for a long time. It is enlightening to see the voice of our people brought to light by her,” said a trans representative who unfortunately wants to stay anonymous.

Struggling with depression when she was 14, Braydbunch discovered rap as a way to get rid of the demons and the hatred that had possessed her. Putting her ‘demons’ in her music, Brady tells the world that she is different from the others and she wants to show those differences to the world.

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