FundrBee Debuts on IndieGoGo, Aiming to Bring Social Media-Fueled Crowdfunding to Life

New campaign looks to raise capital needed to deliver the world’s most powerful social media-based crowdfunding platform

The team at FundrBee has just launched an IndieGoGo campaign with a mission of raising the capital and awareness needed to bring their groundbreaking crowdfunding platform to life.

The Oxfam Report of 2019 cited that the poorest half of the world became 11% poorer in the past year, while billionaires became 12% richer. Still, it’s estimated that nearly half of the population found around the world lives on less than $5.50 each day. In Africa, those statistics are much less.

FundrBee has been created by a team of people based in South Africa who want to help make lives easier. While they recognize that there are a number of other crowdfunding platforms out there, FundrBee stands out from the crowd because it will leverage social media uniquely.

FundrBee will have its own built-in social media platform, and when users log in, they will see a newsfeed full of the latest innovative ideas to come across in search of capital; individuals or organisations requiring funding for a special project, etc.

The possibilities are endless.  FundrBee will automatically share your donations with all of your connections, whereas most people fail to share this currently on traditional crowdfunding platforms. Each time someone donates, the exposure grows exponentially. Powerful. There will also be a badge system to create incentives for using the platform for its fullest potential. 

Right now, FundrBee’s team is working towards creating their app, and the IndieGoGo campaign they’ve launched is working to build the capital needed to develop and release the app.

Backers will receive a number of perks in exchange for their pledges, including a distinguishing badge on the app only awarded to early backers, stickers, magnets, and even $100 ad vouchers for use on the app.

With the help of IndieGoGo backers, the team at FundrBee wants to create a community of people who are interested in helping and not just consuming. “There are so many brilliant people out there that are capable of achieving so much if they just had the finances to unlock opportunities in life,” said the team at FundrBee. “The possible impact of FundrBee is thus unlimited!”

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