Tiny In A Box – Innovating the Construction Market With Upcycled Modular Containers

Tiny In A Box is revolutionizing the construction industry with affordable, versatile, eco-friendly upcycled modular structures for residential and commercial applications.

Tiny In A Box is working to revolutionize the construction industry. The team at Tiny In A Box has announced the launch of a brand new StartEngine campaign, which has unveiled their innovative upcycled modular structures to the world.

People around the world experience a lack of affordable property and real estate inventory deficiencies. Tiny In A Box offers solutions through customized fabricated structures made from upcycled shipping containers. Tiny In A Box products offer short construction times, predictable pricing, and portability.

Tiny In A Box has identified positive opportunities in residential construction, commercial construction, micro-hotels, disasters relief, emergency preparedness, pools, and recreational spaces. In the future the Alabama based company will integrate technology into each project for an eco-friendly responsive environment.

At this time, Tiny In A Box is raising capital investments to be used towards product development,  marketing and promotion, and government and private sector contract acquisition. In exchange for their investments, backers can receive convertible promissory notes and discounts on scheduled Tiny In A Box projects.

In addition, the company is working towards giving back with Tiny Cares, an initiative to produce housing options for the homeless and under-housed around the world through a portion of the company’s revenue.

Tiny In A Box has already experienced brand growth. Currently, the company has an average of 6,500 webpage views per month and more than 100,000 page views since launch, as well as 6000+ followers on Facebook. Tiny In A Box growth is supported by a higher rate of return on investment than with traditional stick builders as operating cost are significantly lower, opportunities are greater, and products are innovative.

To date, Tiny In A Box has already raised more than $5,000 on StartEngine.

More information is now available at https://www.startengine.com/tiny-in-a-box

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Company Name: Tiny In A Box
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Country: United States
Website: https://www.startengine.com/tiny-in-a-box