Begin to Heal Brings Hypnotherapy Connections to New York City

New York City, NY – Pooja Khanna, founder of Begin to Heal, is bringing changes to hypnotherapy in NYC. As a hypnotherapy success story herself, Pooja is determined to spread the success of this often-undervalued practice to those who need it.

Pooja Khanna created the website Begin to Heal in an effort to make it easier for patients to match with practitioners in secure and helpful ways. The website is an online platform that allows the client to easily research and book an appointment with over two hundred practitioners in NYC.

Hypnotherapy is the practice of placing a patient in a hypnotic state and healing them mentally while they are in this ‘suggestive’ state. It has been used for depression, anxiety, addiction, overcoming phobias, and most successfully, helps to prevent bulimia.

While this practice has been exaggerated on television and movies, many people stand by its success rate. Hypnotherapy has become increasingly popular, creating a widespread demand for potential patients to have a way to research the professionals before they meet with them.

Begin to Heal does all of the research on the practitioners so that the customer does not have to. Similar to a Zocdoc for alternative medicine practitioners, Begin to Heal is the forum where therapists and patients can meet.

With the information on each of the professionals listed, the patient can easily sort through and decide which therapist is best suited for their needs. The patient is able to make an appointment with their desired therapist through the website. Patients can even meet with their choice of practitioner online through the site’s private video call feature.

Begin to Heal offers an expansive curated practitioner list, video sessions for telemedicine on site, ability to provide ratings reviews and after every 5 sessions the 6th session is free.

Not only does this site aid in making appointments, but it also helps to spread awareness about hypnotherapy itself. Many people have never heard of this practice, and they may be people who could benefit from it. With hundreds of articles on the site, customers are able to learn more about the practice and what they can do to alleviate some of their problems using hypnotherapy.

All in all, this Begin to Heal works as a catch all for anything that a person searching for hypnotic healing could hope for. The website is simplifying the process of researching, scheduling appointments, and even meeting the practitioners, making hypnotherapy connections and natural healing easier to attain. 

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