Cryptocurrencies were conceived with the aim of bypassing banks and central regulatory bodies; however, it is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, that has become an increasing area of  fascination for investors the world over. It is estimated that the value of the financial services industry will reach almost $12 billion in 2018, which is double last year’s figure.

Recently,one of the most famous cryptocurrencies trading platform, ETRADE has announced to enter the Asian market. The stated aim of ETRADE is to improve the market with the most efficient trading strategies to capitalize on opportunities through computer programs that operate at lightning-fast speeds. The trading strategy market provides an excellent opportunity for merchants to profit and benefit from giving liquidity to different dealers. In addition, ETRADE can reduce both the noise in transactions and systemic risks in the financial system while  improving overall profitability.

Based on strong technology background, ETRADE is aiming to abstract the most efficient strategy for cryptocurrencies investors. The big data and AI technology applied allows the platform to analyze the market emotions and fine-tuning the strategy automatically. Therefore, the trading platform can maximize its profit while minimize its risk exposure.

According to ETRADE’s white paper, its system will gradually transfer to the blockchain-based system. Its trading algorism will keep trading 24 hours to manage customer’s asset. Someone even predict that ETRADE will become the entrance-level product for the crypto investors. The ETRADE Token (ETT), will be used to purchasing the investment service.

In the meantime, ETRADE will also build a decentralized investor community. Everyone in the community will be motivated by ETT and merged the traditional institutions together with the investors. It allows the platform to exploring more invest opportunities which all community member will benefit from. Motivated by the token mechanism, a positive loop will be built in the community.

“It is clear that ETRADE will help to define the future of both cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and that future looks to be a bright one,“ said by James, a senior director in Goldman.

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