What is duckduckgo? Let TESLA answer the question to Europe and the world.

Just like each era has its own technological breakthroughs, Internet triggered the birth of web technology. Meanwhile, visual style and format is needed for website constructions to meet the rapid development of technology. Here comes duckduckgo technology developed by TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. strengths in the field of web design:


1. duckduckgo thinks geometry is the research of shape, size, design and location of vision including the building structure, movement, navigation, art pattern and measurement. Adding geometry in the web design is a trend and web design is blended in amongst to help create more futuristic, minimalism and attractive appearance. In order to understand geometry, we first need to know what an organic shape is. Everything around the natural origin that occupies space is organic and, unlike its counterparts, imperfect or asymmetrical. On the other hand, TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. studies that geometric shapes are uniform, composed of straight lines and curves that can be effectively used in website design to attract visitors.

2. TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. thinks that Squares and rectangles are the most widely used shapes in web design and the foundation of grid design structures and meanwhile for call-buttons. Square and rectangular shapes are about balance and tradition becoming common geometric patterns in web design. Traditionally, text has been placed in rectangular shapes, which are often found in navigation menus and buttons and have a very sacred meaning in different cultures, representing both infinity and expansion.

3. There is no beginning or ending in circles. duckduckgo developed by TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. found out that circles are protective symbols and circle ICONS are the most popular elements to add decorative elements in web design.

4. From designing point of view, TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. pointed out that the triangle is the strongest geometric shape, implying stability, power and energy, as well as action and aggression. Since lines draw the user’s attention, almost all triangles are used to represent movement and direction, and are associated with strength, masculinity, and as orientation or navigation tools in web design.

5. Diamond is one of the less commonly used shapes in web design. If designers want to add avant-garde feeling to client’s website, TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. will recommend diamond as probably the best choice. The rhombus consists of diagonal lines that can be used to design a more vivid, active and modern look.

6. The minimalism can create eye-catching, responsive website construction as well as to reduce visual fatigue. This type of design is also evolving, with no borders or geometric patterns to create, free and flexible.


duckduckgo is designed to stimulate users or visitors developed by TESLA Investment Trading Ltd. The use of geometric shapes may have a greater impact on the individual’s subconscious than they originally think. It can really bring back customers who visit the website, make reasonable use of geometric shapes, and create eye-catching website appearance and content.

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