9 Key Features Why Agencies Should Choose 800Casting as One Stop Trusted Software for Managing Their Casting Needs

Talent agencies are often seen as the very heart of the film and theater industry. For agencies, it is requisite to be well-equipped and acknowledged about the needs of the client, and they should have everything that they demand to get business from them. That is a basic rule of marketing.

Our Talent Agency Software (TAS800) is a complete solution and one of its kind, designed particularly while keeping in mind every small need of the agencies, talents, and clients. This software is for talent agencies, model agencies, advertising agencies, kids’ agencies, voiceover agencies, artist management companies, management agencies, location companies and any other management company who wish to streamline their work process in this electronic age of online castings.

If you showcase your talent professionally and with all the right accouterments your bookings will automatically boost up. Once you register with 800Casting, your agency and talent will automatically become part of the TAS800 software network where you will find the opportunity to connect with hundreds of directors, casting directors, photographers, and other media professionals regularly.

Key features for talent agencies (Including Models, Kids and Voiceover agencies):-

Post casting projects: You can post your private project to hunt for a right talent or access to hundreds of casting breakdowns already available on our portal.

Executive portfolios and profiles: You can manage all the profiles and portfolios of the talents associated with your agency. You can present portfolios professionally by using key enhancing features of our software.

Talent Hunt: Look for unrepresented talent locally or internationally and filter and access them through our specially designed filters.

Advanced communication channel: You can communicate anytime with the talents and clients simultaneously for your business purpose.

Remote Audition: You can audition a talent, review their recordings and submit to our clients through our proprietary and patented software.

Log communication: Our TAS800 software logs all kind of your interaction with client and talent for quick future reclaim.

Easy documentation: The software will allow you to save contracts and any other documentation in the form of pdf and doc files.

Scheduling: Discipline and time management are the key to get success in any field of life. With the help of our calendar scheduler, you can filter out the talent to avoid double bookings, to book a talent who is out of town and the ones who are unavailable.

Multi-user: This feature allows multi-user access and full management of the user’s profile.

Key features for Artist Management Agencies:-

Our software offers some artist management agencies-centric features. Have a look at them.

Casting Breakdowns: You can easily review and submit for all the casting breakdowns for an audition.

Multi-Platforms: Not only is our software user-friendly but also there is no area restriction and no device restriction. You can access it from any part of the world across multiple platforms.

Audition800 App: Another noteworthy information is, in this mobile era, TAS800 app is available on Android as well as on the Apple store.

Money and time saving: With all these beneficial and standard features, you can access most of the features at low prices as under .96 cents per week.

Key Features for Location Companies:-

Free Software solution: Our software is a complete and coherent solution for all companies. It integrates talent and casting resulting in an immaculate communication to stimulate your business while saving your precious time and money.

Multiplatform Access: You are a windows, mac, android or an apple user living in any area of the world, you can access and use our all-in-one solution platform.

Website Embedded: With our software tools, you can trace and access all of your registered locations.

Some user-specific features of our software are as follows:-

Agency Scheduler: Additional vigilance/guarded feature before booking a talent. The agent can integrate with talents calendar and easily identify, Are they pre-occupied? Are they booked already on specific dates? Are they out of town or are available on given calendar days? Accordingly, the agency can then book talent to avoid any inconvenience or future schedule hassle.

Presentation of your talent: Perpetuate the profile of your talent professionally with our software. Enhance it and make it look uniform with our special app features. You can monitor responses from clients within the software for submissions to any breakdown or casting notice. All communication can be managed within the system. You can also avail the option to showcase one talent profile to multiple clients.

Advanced Search: You can access your talent by categories and sub-categories and place and manage them according to their specific talent field. You can also search, manage talents and models by miles, geographical location, locally, nationally and internationally.

Studio Auditions: With the help of our software, you can audition talent in real time through video audition or capture an instant image. You can also create and manage group auditions. For easy drop back you can also rate talent in the order of preference or choice.

Follow Talent history: At any given point of time, you can track and monitor all the changes made to your agency database be it profile changes by talent to any other updates.

Additional Talent Exposure: Exclusive for the registered agency and its talents, 800Casting offers 2-powerful tools.

Audition Invitation: Allows talent to self-tape and submit their video for review upon invite.

Express Audition: It allows talent to audition for any client in or out of network.

Easy Bookkeeping: Another remarkable feature 800Casting offers is agency does not need any additional software to maintain their financials.

• It will keep the record of all the contracted amount details.
• It will generate an invoice for you.
• It will keep track of agency commissions.

Summing it up, in today’s technology era, 800Casting software is the best, easy to use and economical solution for almost all of your problems and casting needs. Why wait? Join us and experience the difference.

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