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“Austin Texas famous chef Jack Allen loves CasusGrill!”
CasusGrill: The World’s Only Eco-Friendly, Disposable, Biodegradable Grill
Compact, clean, fast, and easy, CasusGrill solves all the problems of conventional grilling for healthy outdoor living on the go!

Words such as “convenient,” “disposable,” and “single-use” aren’t usually associated with environmental stewardship. That’s changed with the introduction of a clever compostable contraption called CasusGrill.

Austin, TX – Feb 18, 2019 – CasusGrill, an award-winning 100% natural eco-friendly one-time-use grilling solution that naturally biodegrades after use, this week announced they have officially launched the internationally regarded product in the U.S. market with a taller grill stand and 100% paper packaging. As the first ever disposable biodegradable grill, CasusGrill’s U.S. launch is making national headlines.

Made from sustainable, all-natural materials, like cardboard, bamboo and lava stone, the metal-free CasusGrill can completely disintegrate on its own or in the camping fire post-use was designed as a true replacement of the aluminum disposable grills. CasusGrill weighs 2 pounds and uses 6 ounces of bamboo charcoal, producing up to 50% less CO2 emissions.

“In an average year, Americans can create up to 254 million tons of trash, inspiring our team to create sustainable and biodegradable products that mitigate our wasteful footprints,” said Susanne Brøgger, Founder and Inventor of the CasusGrill. “We sat down at the drawing board and came up with a biodegradable grill that can be effectively used for 60-minutes and safely thrown into the fire afterwards.”

Additionally, CasusGrill is positioned to replace the dangerous and toxic 40 million “one-pound propane cylinders”, which are disposed of every single year in North America. Now users can enjoy the beautiful American outdoors with no worry, no mess, and no waste. It’s a win-win-win for every person and environment involved.”

As an award-winning eco-friendly product, already winning multiple international awards including the 2017 prestigious Danish Design Award, the CasusGrill is portable, easy to use, ready to cook in 5-minutes, providing 60 full minutes of cooking time anytime, anywhere.

Using Oxylite™ quick-light bamboo charcoal ring-shaped briquettes, the grill boasts an even and high grilling temperature, perfect for cooking everything from meats and kabobs, to fruits and vegetables. Once done, the grill can be disposed of right in the fire so no extra trash is left behind.

The CasusGrill utilizes a uniquely designed lava stone thermal-insulation tub to maintain its high temperature, direct all heat upwards towards the food, while keeping the outside of the grill cooled and protected. Further, it is equipped with a lightweight bamboo grill rack, and a cardboard body, ensuring the entire portable instant one-time-use grill can biodegrade quickly.

Roula Mansour, President & Owner of Lavaca LLC, USA Exclusive Distributors said; “This is a gift from us to the consumer and to nature, enabling anyone, anywhere no matter their grilling knowledge, to sit back and enjoy a very tasty grilled meal. Especially for the women of the world who are typically intimidated by grills, now they are empowered with their own portable easy-to-use outdoor BBQ.”

The CasusGrill is available at $14.99. It is now being carried by major retailers, like Ace Hardware, Academy Sports, Bloomingdales, The Grommet, Huckberry and the list goes on. The product can also be purchased directly online by visiting this link:

Product Dimensions:

2.2 pounds
13L X 10W X 2H
One-time use
100% biodegradable
No lighter fluid needed
No open flames
No metal

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