ProdiG Nutrition is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

“Contains Probiotics, Prebiotics, Hemp Protein, L-Glutamine and Digestive EnzymesrnKeto-Friendly, Gluten/Dairy/Sugar-Free”
The flagship of the NORTI range. This bar has it all. Packed with over 9 grams of premium hemp protein, digestive enzymes to super charge your digestion, pre and probiotics to boost your gut-health and no nasties like gluten, no added sugar, gluten or dairy to weigh you down. Do more and do better with NORTI’s Performance Bar. This is an amazing one of a kind protein bar that offers it all.

Welcome to a new world of health. A world where one of the healthiest choices is chocolate. Welcome to Norti, a company manufactured by Australian based Biotech Bodies, Pty Ltd., and distributed by its U.S. affiliate ProdiG Nutrition, LLC. We offer the healthiest nutritional bars by offering only good ingredients.

At Norti, we say old rules are for breaking. We’ve cheekily gone against the status quo and pushed every ingredient we use to maximize the health benefits. Our products are the perfect combination of science and natural ingredients. Not only are these products truly healthy, but they taste absolutely delicious.

Driven by a goal to achieve excellence in the nutrition space, we did away with ingredients that are not beneficial and included the ones that enhance high performance. A perfect mission for a group of food scientists, performance athletes and passionate food manufacturing professionals. Norti’s combination of natural ingredients and scientific understanding have created a product range that is good for you and tastes great.

We proudly present a line of products that are for adults and children that are free of sugar, dairy, gluten and have the benefits of pre and probiotic.

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