PaybackGift Launches Revamped Mala Beads Online Shop

PaybackGift offers an online selection of handmade Mala beads for mindfulness, Yoga and meditation. The updated website provides a large inventory of these aesthetically appealing beads.

PaybackGift is pleased to announce the launch of its updated and expanded website which features a selection of handmade Mala beads. These beads have become increasingly popular since their early use became popular in about the 8th century BC. In addition to Mala beads, those seeking aid to focus on their mental and spiritual needs utilized objects such as prayer beads, rosary beads and worry beads. The newly designed website also contains information about the purpose and use of the beads, as well as techniques for cleansing them.

A representative of the online shop explained, “If it is difficult for you to stay focused on your inner self and remain calm while in a meditative mode, the beads provide a solution. The use of Mala beads helps to channel and enhance energy, a concept that is common across many religions and belief systems, not only Buddhism and Hinduism.

A Mala bead bracelet or necklace can be worn in various ways. Some people like to wear them as a decorative necklace; others wrap them around their wrists for protection throughout the day. When the beads are fingered and the Mantra is stated aloud, it helps the mind, soul and body to hear and feel the intentionality of the day. Traditionally, Malas are made of beads, each with its own special energy. Usually, one bead is larger than the others in order to mark the beginning and end of the practice cycle. This bead is known as the ‘guru bead’ or ‘guru pendant’.

Typically, there are 108 beads in a Mala. The number is a sacred one in the yogic tradition and many other traditions. 108 is the number that the Vedic mathematicians considered to connote wholeness or fullness. Malas are also made in 18, 27, and 54 counts as well. When they are worn on the wrist, the right wrist is recommended.

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