Speedwraps, Advanced Ergonomic Wearable Weight Technology – Quietly Revolutionizing Sports and Dance

El Toro Training is pleased to introduce Speedwraps, its patent pending, advanced fabric high compression wrap that reinvents the antiquated and dangerous traditional ankle weights that are still used by millions of athletes around the world.  Now athletes, dancers, performers, trainers and rehabilitation therapist are switching to the Speedwrap as a safer and more effective alternative. When it comes to improving speed, strength and agility, Speedwraps are the next-generation, advanced compression based wearable weight technology making ankle weights obsolete.

Until now, professional athletes in every realm have relied on ankle weights to improve their speed, strength and agility. The traditional ankle weights are however bulky, loose fitting strap-on-sandbag products that can also cause discomfort, muscle strain or ligament and tendon tear with specific and direct stress on the Achilles tendon.

El Toro worked with athletic trainers, professional athletes and a leading body device interface specialist to design a wearable weight technology that is ergonomic, its contoured interchangeable steel weight insert system evenly distributes weight between the ankle and the knee. The proprietary design and graduated weight system makes this product an absolute must have for all athletes.

El Toro Speedwrap uses a high-quality high compression wrap, comprising an inside pocket for placing interchangeable weights. The advanced compression material fits comfortably and firmly around the lower leg. The advanced fabric is moisture wicking, thus keeping the legs fresh. The ergonomic design fist anatomically, and the material has directional stretch for great comfort and feel. Different weight levels  are available based on individual requirement.

Our wearable weight technology is currently being used by professional athletes in all sports and has most recently taken the dance world by storm. High profile dance studios like Expressenz (featured on the hit TV series World of Dance) have incorporated Speedwraps into their training,” said Joseph Scott Managing Partner of El Toro Training.

Speedwraps are intended for use by a wide range of professionals, athletes, trainers and individuals who simply walk for exercise, there has been explosive growth in dance, CrossFit, yoga, box jumping, tennis, martial arts, swimming, running, soccer, etc. The product has been designed to not alter the users gait and reduces stress on the knee or ankle compared to traditional ankle weights.

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SPEEDWRAPS were conceived in January 2014 with the goal of improving on the continued inefficiencies of traditional ankle weights. SPEEDWRAPS are an engineered training product designed specifically to safely improve an athlete’s speed, strength, agility & overall athletic performance. From fitness classes to dance studios to MMA and athletes in every sport as well as for rehabilitation purposes the El Toro Speedwrap will clearly become the go to safer alternative to traditional ankle weights which to this day still sell millions of units per year.

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