Jeff Hopper Releases Thief In The House

A Real Ocean’s Eleven Story of a Texas Family That Robs the Mob Owned Las Vegas Casino-Twice.

Las Vegas – Thief In The House is a story big screen action movies are made of. Hopper was twenty-six in 1992, when his father persuaded him to participate in a daring daylight robbery of the famous Las Vegas Stardust Casino. It didn’t take much — just an envelope stuffed with $5,000 that convinced him on “Stealing Vegas,” telling his boss off, and leaving to embark on the criminal enterprise with his father, brother and an accomplice.

“Beaumont Man Pleads in Stardust Casino Heist”
“The robbery netted $489.00 in case and $637.000 in checks. The loot was stolen inside the casino.”

“The door to my room was a thin black cloth and black curtains kept the bright lights from shinning in my windows. I put Wasted Time by the Eagle’s on the stereo and slid down between the speakers. Wasted time is what my life was, nothing but a waste. I opened the chamber of the revolver and checked to be sure it was fully loaded. Yes, all six were there. I closed the chamber, spun it and put the barrel to my head, then in my mouth. The letter I wrote wasn’t long but it should do the job.

Jeff writes. “After thirty years I still remember the taste of the metal pistol and the sound of the hammer fall.”

Thief In The House is the stuff movie goers would get out of the house to go see.  I did not write Thief In The House to glamorize crime but to share my journey from ‘Heist to Healing’ and the second chance I have been given to make things right.”

There is one thing that sets this compelling story apart from all the rest; one thing that is very different. This is the true life story, the hell Jeff lived and the recovery that he has made to going back into those same prisons to help bring men out.

The date April 6th, 1992, will forever be etched in Jeff’s mind when four men decided to “Steal Vegas” and he became a Thief in the House.

Margo Bush, Publicist/Publisher

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