Crime scene church – personal account of sexual abuse in a supposed safe haven

“Crime scene church” by Kurt Bauer
Kurt Bauer tells his story in “Crime scene church” and gives advice on how to prevent sexual abuse.

As a child, the author’s parents enrolled him into a Franciscan boarding school in order to give him a well-founded education under the protection of monastic welfare. However, the author suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his authority figures. His time at the boarding school turned into a never-ending nightmare. The Fathers proved to be double-faced: friendly on the outside and violent on the inside. Sexually abused several times and violently knocked down, the author became alienated from myself, shattering his inner self.

In his book “Crime scene church”, Kurt Bauer shares his memories in a moving and honest way. He openly describes blind spots in his perception and thinking that became his survival strategy for dealing with what had happened to him. For him, these issues became quite normal; living with a total disconnect between his past and present. Only when his life broke apart and he became suicidal, did the author realize that he needed help. By telling his story, Kurt Bauer wants to help other victims, and also give advice on how to avoid sexual abuse. His book discusses a sensitive topic in a way that inspires and gives hope.

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