DMV Written Test Survey Reveals Shocking Details About Texting and Driving

A recent survey by DMV Written Test reveals some shocking details about texting and driving.

DMV Written Test has released results of a survey they recently conducted on texting and driving and it unveils some shocking facts. It shows that not just teens but adults including parents also indulge in texting while driving.

 “We recently ran a user survey on the vexing problem of texting while driving,” says Tim Backes from DMV Written Test. “The survey revealed some shocking facts making it amply evident that not only teens but parents also often engaged in this dreadful act. Our survey shows that texting and driving is a more complex issue than previously imagined.”

As teens have fewer years of driving experience, it is generally assumed that they are the cause of most accidents caused by distracted driving. With their perceived obsessive texting habits, it is also assumed that they are more likely to text while driving than older adults.

With over 1000 total respondents, 237 of them under the age of 18, the survey reveals that this is not entirely true. 52.3 percent of the minors said that they have personally witnessed one of their parents texting or messaging on their phone while driving in the past year.

As most teens see their parents as role models, they can easily infer that there is nothing wrong with texting while driving. Parents are either unaware or unconcerned that they are setting a bad example.

It’s not only teens and their parents however. The DMV Written Test survey stats show that respondents of all age groups have witnessed their fair share of friends texting and driving while riding as a passenger, which paints a scary picture.

The results of the survey clearly show that texting while driving is going to continue to be a major problem in 2019.

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