Prepare For Hours of Fun With Chicca Jump

Chicca Jump is a new mobile game in which Chicca the chicken must gather gems and keep them away from monsters. With unique jumping mechanics, players get an all-new experience.

The team at Chicca Jump is thrilled to announce that they will be bringing their innovative new mobile app to Kickstarter. Through their crowdfunding campaign, the creators of Chicca Jump hope to raise the capital and awareness needed to bring their groundbreaking app to people everywhere in May 2019. 

Chicca Jump features Chicca the chicken, and players control Chicca to gather gems. These gems have been scattered all over six different worlds, with each world resembling villages of the Jaga’ar Jungle. As Chicca gathers gems, he’s keeping them from falling into the hands of evil monsters. 

What’s perhaps most unique about Chicca Jump, and what has already garnered the support of people who’ve been lucky enough to play the game at this point, are the unique jumping mechanics the creators have implemented. These jumping mechanics let players control the direction and angle of jumping to determine a landing point, and this is a style of jumping mechanics that has never before been seen in a mobile game. 

The creators of Chicca Jump have stated that the funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign will be used towards production and development, testing, and day to day operations. Backers will have an exclusive opportunity to get early bird specials on Chicca Jump, meaning they can be among the first people in the public around the world to play the game. 

The team at Chicca Jump has invested much of their own funds into the project, while remaining thoughtful of budgetary needs. Now, they are asking backers to help bring Chicca Jump to life for gaming enthusiasts of all ages. 

Chicca Jump, with its special imagery and movement mechanics, is sure to capture the imagination of players of all ages everywhere. 

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