Slap Pop Chiller Turns Beverage Cartons Into Refrigerated Carrying Cases

Slap Pop Chiller offers a simple yet highly effective way to keep canned beverages chilled on the go by converting beverage cartons into refrigerated carrying cases.

A new Canadian-based product has launched on Kickstarter to high success in its early days. The product is called Slap Pop Chiller, and it stands to revolutionize the canned personal beverage industry. 

According to statistics, billions of cans are sold every month around the world, and the need for a simple, cost-effective on-the-go way to cool these cans is imperative. The Slap Pop Chiller uniquely redefines how beverages can be cooled with a simple pillar-shaped apparatus that can be tucked into the space between four cans nestled inside their carrying case. These pre-chilled pillars can keep cans cold for up to four hours, even as cans are being removed from the case for consumption. 

“With high volumes and low production costs, Slap Pop Chiller is the answer to the desire for chilled beverages on the go,” said the Slap Pop Chiller team. “With a potential to appeal to the masses, regardless of their country of origin, Slap Pop is the patented answer to an age-old question.”  

Slap Pop Chillers offers the ideal opportunity for brands who’d like to use these innovative can chillers as promotional space. In addition, individual participants, as well as adult and youth activity groups can participate in the sponsorship program to raise funds for their group or activity of their choice. Contestants are selected via online vote, winners will be chosen based on the number of YouTube likes.

When Slap Pop Chiller launched on Kickstarter, their team set a funding goal of $26,432. So far, the campaign has raised over $3376 with the help of backers. 

Backers are receiving exciting and exclusive perks in exchange for their backing, such as wooden sunglasses, Slap Pop Chiller, beach chairs, Bose speakers, and a special experience reward package. 

Slap Pop Chillers will be in the hands of backers by July 2019 if the campaign is fully funded. More information is available now at

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