After Huge Success in Paint Industry, Tough Cleaning MiracleWipes Now Available for Consumers Across the US

What began as an innovative solution to removing paints and fiberglass epoxy is now available for home users to keep their equipment, cars, tools and surfaces spic and span. Miracle Brands is the same brand that created the first ever painters’ wipes called MiracleWipes. The company is pleased to extend its portfolio as an easy to use cleaner for a wide range of surfaces.

Cleaning surfaces isn’t has easy as it appears, and experienced cleaners know why. Paint, chemicals, dirt and other super gluey substances can stick really hard. MiracleWipes has found the secret formulation to fight off stubborn materials using coconut oil extracts and bio-degradable components. The formulation quickly breaks down paint, grease and other contaminants.

No one thought paint cleaning could be so easy, safe and affordable! MiracleWipes are also ideal for a wide range of applications. There are MiracleWipes for auto, heavy duty cleaning and stainless steel. They are available for cleaning paint and leather. And there are MiracleWipes for granite, stone and glass.

MiracleWipes, made of a gritty texture on the outside, come with a proprietary absorb and lock design, and this allows its secret formulation to work quickly. Each wipe can hold 6 times its weight of contaminants. The wipes effortlessly remove epoxy off hands, or paints from clothes and carpets. They make it easy to clean tools, brushes, trays and other equipment and surfaces like walls, doors or base boards.

Don’t take our word for it. Use one today! You will immediately experience a job-changing miracle… right before your eyes,” says a spokesperson for Miracle Brands.

Originally made for boat builders working on the coast of Maine, the wipes are disposable, use streak-free polish and are now under manufacture for tradesmen and consumers across the US, and available from major retailers.

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