ADA Book by Website #Accessibility Consultant Kris Rivenburgh Shows How to Reduce Risk of Lawsuit

Website accessibility lawsuits are being filed as fast as plaintiff’s attorneys are able to shove paper in envelopes so everyone – from small businesses to corporations to churches – needs to be aware they could be next.

You might think, “But I’ve never heard of a law that requires websites to be ADA compliant, what’s going on here?”

Great point.  You’re right, there isn’t anything on the books that expressly mandates that websites need to be accessible or even sets out the standards which would define what makes a website accessible.

It’s an argument that many defense law firms have raised in court to no avail.

The practical message from courts is this: You need to have an ADA compliant website.

Plaintiff’s law firms are winning in this legal landscape and they’re winning big. Now it’s just a matter of not running out of printer ink for them.

So what should you do to avoid being crushed?

Buy The ADA Book by Kris Rivenburgh.

Kris is an attorney and web accessibility consultant who has poured 150 hours into researching both the law and the technical side of accessibility. In The ADA Book, he distills all of his research into a simple, easy to understand 70 minute read.

“It’s not that businesses don’t want their websites to be accessible – they do. It’s just that they haven’t even contemplated the idea of web accessibility until they open up a demand letter with the unsubtle threat of legal action unless they fork over 4 or even 5-figures,” stated Kris.

“I knew I had to write The ADA Book to help people figure out what’s going on and then give them a blueprint of what they can do to reduce risk of legal entanglement and become accessible ASAP.”

Go to to buy The ADA Book.

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