PHS Greenleaf Installs Over 2500 Trees This Christmas at Businesses Offices Across The UK

Everybody loves Christmas and they love it even more when the town is all lit up and giving a holiday welcome to locals and visitors. Businesses all across the UK greeted their consumers, clients, and employees with a touch of Christmas cheer this Christmas with professionally decorated trees in their offices and stress. Doing this took some planning ahead, as they wanted to make sure they could have the trees installed and ready in time for the holidays. With the experience and ability to implement custom-designed Christmas outdoor scenes, PHS Greenleaf provided quality installation of trees to the delight of their customers. Their trees and installation practices were also in compliance with local safety ordinances. 

Scene Planning At PHS 

As part of their lighting and Christmas tree hire services, PHS has a wide array of designs and schematics they use to turn properties into bright and colorful holiday styles. Those could include rows of trees all lit up with Christmas lighting, props that might include Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, snowmen or hanging snowflakes. Businesses that had some different or unusual ideas for how they wanted a Christmas scene portrayed brought their ideas to PHS and consulted with them on how their ideas could be implemented. They also used state-of-the-art design software that lets businesses get an idea of what their finished design ideas will look like. When it comes to picking a fully decorated Christmas tree, there are trees of all sizes, whether they’re small window display trees or giant trees complete with ornaments for visitors to behold. 

The Installation Of Christmas Lighting 

Once it comes to the installation of outdoor Christmas lights and all the surrounding scenes, PHS can make sure the process can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to a business. They’ll make sure all the wiring and circuitry is laid out in a method that maximizes power efficiency and allows for central control of the operation. The PHS team has the equipment that allows for installations on and around fixed structures, and they can add additional fixtures when needed that will not stick out. They have put together installations for retail stores and whole shopping malls, hotels, and smaller properties with more natural greenery. The lighting even includes LED and other energy efficient bulbs so that the displays are green-friendly and don’t cut into the power bills. 

If you’re ready to light your business property up for Christmas, you should schedule an appointment with PHS and get the planning underway. They have years of customer satisfaction and a great track record of making good on their estimates. PHS has detailed analyses of every installation for risk assessment and evaluation to ensure the safety and reliability of the finished product. In addition, when the holidays are over but you want to keep your lighting and trees stored for next year, PHS also offers storage options. To make an appointment and get your business ready for lighting up, you should call PHS at their main number or fill out their inquiry form on the website.

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