Financial Planner Kim Strosnider
Kimberly S. Strosnider, CHFC of Estate Wealth & Management Services helps Michiganders prepare for retirement through education and safe financial growth. Her approach has helped families create multi-generational financial strategies and soft landings into retirement.

By Zoey Thompson

Marysville, MI – Kim Strosnider has found that far too many Americans are ill prepared for retirement.  The high cost of living, topsy-turvy stock market, and rising cost of medical care has had an adverse effect on many Americans’ financial portfolios. Those financial strategies that worked just a decade ago, no longer apply. Respected financial planner, Kimberly S. Strosnider, CHFC of Estate Wealth & Management of Marysville, Michigan says that her clients all want the same thing, a retirement without worry. Her role as an advisor is to find those areas where individuals and couples can grow their wealth while also looking at all legal means to reduce their taxes during retirement.

“Most people forget that taxes don’t stop when they retire and part of my job is to educate them on what options they have to reduce their tax burden and keep the bulk of their savings,” says Strosnider.  “I also work to develop the type of sound financial strategies that will continue to build upon the investments and savings they have already put aside.”

She explains that the transition from earning money every month to using the accumulated wealth isn’t the easiest for most people, which is why she starts with the basics of understanding the type of lifestyle her clients want to assume in retirement and use that as the blueprint for creating the right financial plan. Her next step is to make her clients aware of age her clients must legally begin to withdraw from their 401k and how to assess their tax burden so they can factor it into their overall plan. Once the foundation for the future is established, Strosnider creates a management plan that will help preserve investment principles, maximize income and accumulate capital.

“As a fiduciary, my duty is to put my clients’ interests ahead of my own” she explains. “I treat their money as if it were my own. I create for them the type of financial plan that I would create for any member of my own family and I manage their wealth with the same dedication and oversight as I would my own.”

Kim Strosnider has spent three decades as a financial advisor, helping people plan for a comfortable retirement. Her firm works with individuals and couples whom are both planning for retirement or already in their retirement years to make the most out of their savings and investments. She holds educational classes to help members of her community develop understanding of tax laws and investment strategies.  By using her experience to communicate what people can expect, she hopes to alleviate some of the stress people experience as they head into their golden years. Kim is also opening up a new office location in the Grand Rapids area to serve her clients and future retirees in Western Michigan.

“I encourage anyone who would like to learn more about how to grow his or her savings and investments to give us a call,” she says. “It’s never too late to get started.”

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